A new special edition of Epoca on newsstands: “Ai confini della Terra” (At the Edge of the Earth)

Epoca returns with a new special issue, Ai confini della Terra (At the Edge of the Earth), on newsstands from 14 April.

The historic Mondadori magazine recounts epic tales of the latest explorations and new frontiers. Through exclusive archival material and new images, the magazine brings to life the first adventures of Walter Bonatti in Alaska, biographies by Vittorio G. Rossi of the great explorers of the past (such as Livingstone, Stanley, Amundsen, Shackleton and Lindbergh), Polynesia and Africa by Folco Quilici, the feats of Jacques Cousteau and Auguste Piccard, the fabulous exotic reportage of the great photographers of Epoca De Mario Biasi and Federico Patellani, and the emotions of man’s first experiences in space, from Gagarin to Armstrong.

Epoca – Ai confini della Terra is a passionate tribute to high quality journalism, the result of careful selection of the best articles from the magazine and the most memorable photo shoots.
After the success of the issues on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the beatification of Pope John Paul II, the fabulous ’60s and Italian legend Walter Bonatti, the new issue of the magazine, a real collector’s item, will be available from all newsstands from 14 April at a price of €7.90.