Chi: a completely new magazine hits newsstands

Tomorrow readers will discover from the newsstands the new Chi, a radically new product, not only in terms of content and look, but also in terms of style and the tone of voice that characterises the pages of the weekly.
The first and most marked distinctive element of the new magazine will come form the exclusive interviews with leading Italian and international stars conducted by the editor Alfonso Signorini.

“The new Chi,” explained Signorini, “is even more current, featuring the people beyond their celebrity and public profile and with a focus on trends and the evolution of our society and its personalities. And with an objective: that of giving the reader something to think about and to discuss. In short, a magazine to read and not just to flick through,” concluded Signorini.

Chi will have more background and a new point of view on stories about famous personalities through which it will also comment on current affairs.
Changes and innovations that will reinforce the weekly’s mission which has always been to inform and entertain the reader thanks to an authentic connection with the world of celebrities: a formula that has enabled Chi to become the top selling and most widely read women’s “people” magazine in Italy.

Among other new features will be the greater space devoted to fashion and beauty which has been completely reconfigured. In addition there will be new service-based columns on cooking, interiors and travel, completing the weekly’s offer with topics of interest to its mainly female audience.
Even the layout and use of images will be new, with more use of high-quality photographic services, produced exclusively for the magazine, also during important show business events.

The advertising market is reacting very positively to the new Chi, appreciating the new more newsy and international formula: sales for the first issues after the relaunch have already reached the extraordinary levels of the summer months. In 2011 Chi was chosen by over 500 clients, for a total of around 3,500 pages and the objective of Angelo Sajeva, chairman and chief executive of Mondadori Pubblicità, is to increase these figures even more, above all with clients from the fashion and cosmetics sectors, that currently account for 60% of the title’ advertising sales.

The launch of the new Chi will be supported by an important communication campaign, planned on TV, newspapers, women’s magazines, POS and the internet, accompanied by a special promotional cut price offer. The creativity for the campaign is by A&B.