Eugenius, a new app to learn numbers, letters and colours on mum or dad’s iPad and iPhone

Designed for pre-school children, it allows kids to explore knowledge of the planets in Italian or in English

Eugenius is the protagonist of a new iPhone and iPad app for pre-school children (aged 2 to 5).

Eugenius, a funny and a tender monster has a mission: to bring knowledge of the planets down to earth. But he can’t do it on his own so the children will be teaching him how to count, how to recognise the alphabetical letters and the colours of the objects. With Eugenius learning is easy and fun: this cute animated character will guide children through a fantastic journey across the galaxy of knowledge.

The new Eugenius app by Mondadori Digital is dedicated to children but it is also ideal for parents who are willing to have a game of intelligent entertainment.
This game stimulates learning and combine education and fun. It alternate colours, letters and numbers, with moments of tenderness by being able to “give cuddles” to the little monster thanks to the touch features typical of these devices.

This kind of games for the preschool age group has also obtained the approval of experts. In the U.S., psychologists and educationalists have agreed to approve the use of tablet devices (or similar) for 15 minutes per day, rather than spending the same time in front of the TV. Unlike television, which involves a passive use of content, the possibility of interaction offered on these new devices, provides greater stimulation of children’s intuitiveness as they are actively encouraged to take part in the game.

The app was created in collaboration with Zodiak Active, an international company specialized in the production of high quality content for television, digital and mobile distribution.

Download the Eugenius App for free! The promotion allows users to play with the first planet: Colorius. Access to the other planets where the little monster wants to bring knowledge: Numerandia and Alfabeta can be bought for $1.99 each one.

Eugenius speaks in both Italian and English languages, while parents can choose to share the children’s wins on their social profiles on Twitter and Facebook.

The game, developed in collaboration with Zodiak Active, is both fun and educational and provides entertainment for children and parents that get ready to spend more time together during the summer holidays.