Grazia Iinternational Nerwork: in2013 the launch of Grazia Korea with Seoul Cultural Publishers

Mondadori has announced to have signed an agreement with Seoul Cultural Publishers for the launch of Grazia Korea. The new edition, that will be the 23rd of Grazia International Network, will be biweekly and will be launched in the first semester of 2013.

South Korea is one of the most economically advanced countries in the world and a key market for luxury and beauty client, where Grazia – one of the most exciting magazines in the international landscape – will continue the highly dynamic expansion of its network: apart from Italy, the magazine is successfully published in France, United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Russia, Australia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, China, Bahrain, Indonesia, India and Thailand, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia, to which a Polish edition will be added in the coming months followed by a Spanish version in 2013.

“We at Grazia International Network are really excited about the opportunity to offer our Korean readers their own edition of Grazia”, declared Zeno Pellizzari, Head of Mondadori’s International Activities. “Furthermore, we’re extremely proud of our partnership with Seoul Cultural Publishers, one of Korea’s most prominent publishing groups – and are truly confident that Grazia Korea would be yet another success story in the Asian region, where our magazine already counts editions in Thailand, Indonesia and India – in addition to Grazia China, which is an unprecedented success story already, only three years after its launch.

Mr Kim, CEO of Seoul Cultural Publishers, says that “they’re fully confident in the success of Grazia Korea”. Seoul Cultural Publishers has a well-established weekly publishing system, and thus, full of resources and capabilities and thanks to this experience, a huge influence in distribution channels. He also stressed that “it is time for a speedy and slim fashion magazine in Korea where it boasts of its reputation as the most wired and fast country in the world. Grazia Korea, born from Mondadori’s accumulated know-how and SCP’s local expertise, will open a new market as the first and only fashion biweekly in Korea.”

Seoul Cultural Publishers is part of Seoul Media Group, that is one the biggest publishers of the country. SMG operates in book, comics, magazines and custom publishing businesses. SMG has a portfolio of magazines including Sisa-Journal, Women Sense, Living Sense, Best Baby, Essen, and licensed titles like Arena and Nylon.