Grazia International Network: The editions of Grazia in the world rises to 20

From 18 May, the magazine will also be published in South Africa

With the launch of Grazia South Africa, on newsstands from 18 May 2012, the number of international editions of the Grazia International Network rises to 20.

Published under license by Media 24 – the leader in Africa in business and consumer magazines – and edited by Danielle Weakley, Grazia South Africa is the network’s first edition in the African continent and will come out weekly.

Also this 20th international edition will be characterised by the usual easy chic formula that distinguishes the Grazia brand around the world: fashion, news and celebrities, enhanced by international trends, style and local trends.

The Grazia International Network: as well as in Italy, where the magazine has been published since 1938, Grazia is published as a weekly in France (by Mondadori France), Great Britain, Holland, Germany, UAE, India, Australia and South Africa (under licensing agreements) and in a joint venture with Independent Media in Russia. Meanwhile, a joint venture with SEEC Media Group Limited publishes a fortnightly Chinese edition of the magazine. Monthly editions of Grazia, also under license, are published in Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bahrain, Thailand and Indonesia.