Grazia: out every Friday

More fashion, more beauty and live news also on

Grazia, the weekly edited by Vera Montanari, from Friday 19 October is changing.
It will become more ‘weekly’, more feminine, more connected, more surprising. From the ‘new look’ in terms of design to the new formats, to cult interviews (that are also emotional, envious, at home, on the set), true stories (worthy of a film), taboo investigations, and fashion ‘linked’ with beauty. All while retaining the characteristics that made has made it a unique point of reference for style and elegance among women’s magazines, also internationally, with 20 editions around the world.
Fashion and beauty, styles and trends, have always been key strengths of Grazia, and will be enriched, mixed. While shopping becomes ultra shopping: with a multiplication of pages right through the magazine, from news to shop windows, from interviews to dossiers. To inspire, play, change and above all dream. The new Grazia not only connects fashion and make-up but also accessories and design, beauty and current affairs, and personalities and people.

“Three words to sum up the new Grazia?” For the editor Vera Montanari they are: “Energy: we women are full of energy. And we really need it. The second word is ‘Emotion’, because that’s what matters most in life. You have to touch people’s hearts, make a mark, move or entertain, even in the fashion or beauty pages. The last word is a bit classic, but is of great importance for us and it is ‘Style’. Grazia has it, it is its distinctive characteristic.”
Grazia is also news and aims “to become a daily that comes out every week,” the editor explains. In addition to Fast News – with the best of the week – there will be features on the themes that ignite debate, interviews – short circuit, 24 hours with, surveys. As well as films, books, addresses, inspirational homes, gurus. All providing a feminine interpretation of reality.
Video interviews, extras, live surveys and polls live and streamed editorial meetings will create and even stronger link with that with an average of 840,000 unique visitors per month – and its blogs, Facebook (with 78,200 fans) and Twitter (with almost 16,000 followers) profiles, are virtual spaces for non-stop dialogue for the magazine’s community.
On the website readers also become protagonists. By participating, sharing ideas and advice, telling their stories, responding to online surveys or by sending questions to ask their favourite personalities.

The launch of the new *Grazia* will be supported by a four-week communication campaign planned for print, web and radio, inviting readers to discover the new magazine.
The press campaign, developed by the creative duo Franz Degano and Alessandro Omini, art director and copywriter respectively, covers 4 subjects: fashion, celebrities, beauty and news, which represent the different souls of the world of women.
To mark the first issue of the new *Grazia* an online multiple-choice game, *Play Grazia*, has been created by the agency Adverteam and aimed at readers who want to test their knowledge of the world of fashion. To play just click on the banner of the ** web campaign and answer 5
questions from among those posted over the four weeks of the campaign: the person who gives the most correct answers in the shortest time will be elected “Fashion Queen” and will be celebrated on the Facebook page of **.
The *web* campaign will also involve banners on the leading sites for women, news and social networks with intriguing questions the answers to which can be found in the magazine. Also on all major *radio* stations, listeners will be invited to discover the contents of the new issue of the magazine on newsstands. The communication campaign will also involve the newsstand network with posters and branded shopping bags branded, airports and railway stations.