In Riccione, “CinéCiak d’Oro”: for the first time Ciak awards comedy

Claudio Bisio and Alessandro Siani duo of the year for Benvenuti al nord

Barbora Bobulova and Marco Giallini best comedy actors of the year

“Cinéciak d’oro Colpo di fulmine” for the film La peggior settimana della mia vita

“Cinéciak d’or-Classic” to Christian De Sica

The first edition of “CinéCiak d’Oro”, the comedy awards created by CIAK, for the films and performers who have left a mark, binging an auteur touch to the most popular film genre.

After the traditional “CIAK D’ORO”, Italy’s most authoritative film monthly, edited by Piera Detassis, this time wants to celebrate the classic comedy genre by highlighting new talent, the discoveries, surprises and great Italian comedians of the last season. The “CinéCiak d’Oro” award ceremony will be held this evening at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Riccione, as part of “Ciné – Giornate estive di Cinema” (Ciné – Summer Days of Cinema).


“CinéCiak d’Oro” for the duo of the year Claudio Bisio and Alessandro Siani for the cultural encounter/clash that they achieved with great irony in Benvenuti al Nord, and even earlier in Benvenuti al Sud.

Barbora Bobulova was elected the best comedy actress of the year for the grace and sensuality with which she played Tina, an ex porno star, in Scialla! by Francesco Bruni. For his brillian role, full of subtleties in “Posti in piedi in paradiso”, Marco Giallini has been awarded the “CinéCiak d’Oro” as best comedy actor of the year.

The surprising comedy of misunderstandings by Alessandro Genovesi, La peggior settimana della mia vita, has been awarded the “CinéCiak d’Oro Colpo di Fulmine”: especially convincing for its well-written script, brilliant dialogue and a perfectly balanced cast.

Christian De Sica, meanwhile, is awarded the important “CinéCiak d’Oro-Classic”. The actor and director, who has represented Italian comedy for almost 30 years, will during the evening gala event talk to Piera Detassis, the editor of CIAK, about the cinema and his own career.

CIAK is a partner of “Ciné – Giornate estive di Cinema”, the event promoted by ANICA, in association with ANEC and ANEM: an appointment of great interest for the film industry during which production houses hold their annual conventions and the films for the second half of the year are presented.

The July issue of the magazine contains a special insert “CinéCiak” with previews, interviews and lists of titles. CIAK is also exclusively distributed before publication inside the Palazzo dei Congressi in Riccione and on the beaches of the Riviera.