Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi presents “Scrinium”, Mondadori’s new line of box sets dedicated to destinations of the spirit

Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi presents Scrinium, the new line of “BOX FOR YOU” from Mondadori dedicated to Destinations of the Spirit in Italy and around the world: an opportunity, available to all, to live an experience of faith through non-traditional methods. An innovative means of evangelisation that can reach everyone and that can be easily found in the places where people meet and gather regularly, starting from shopping malls.

Scrinium is a response to a widespread demand for spirituality in today’s world,” said Father Caesar Atuire, the chief executive of Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi. “This is a proposal that we can define as a gradual ‘introduction’ to the spiritual experience of the pilgrimage, which makes it possible to go beyond the stereotypes that depict a pilgrimage as a journey to the limits of endurance towards goals with poor facilities and conditions that are at best Spartan and in the company of pilgrims who are uncultured and without means. The reality is quite different. The pilgrim is primarily a man or woman who is trying to find an answer to the question of meaning that has always lain in the heart of man.”

“It is a great satisfaction to have teamed up with a really important and prestigious organisation such as Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi,” declared Renato Rodenghi, chairman and managing director of Mondadori Direct. “With the launch of Scrinium, Mondadori confirms its intention to continue the diversification of BOX FOR YOU, with the aim of reaching new targets,” Rodenghi concluded.

Scrinium contains a series of proposals for Rome, the Holy Land, the Sanctuaries of Lourdes, Fatima and Santiago de Compostela. You can discover Rome through the two thousand year presence of the Church, drinking from the spring of the Spirit and discovering the treasures of these holy places, or you can spend Christmas in the Holy Land. Each destination offers a short but intense stay, a maximum of three days. Also the method of buying these proposals is simple and straightforward: just browse through the catalogue of structures, which is also online on the website www.boxforyou.it, choose your preferred destination, also by calling or writing to the email address info@boxforyou.it to book your experience.

Also in the case of overnight stays, you can call or write to the email address prenota@boxforyou.it.

As a final step, simply hand over the voucher at the destination of your choice. Through this new short but intense way of living the faith experience, Destinations in the Spirit, Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi wants to help people to start or restart on the path towards the answer to the questions that each of us has in our hearts.


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