Print, web, tablet and mobile: the new Panorama is open

A much stronger relationship with readers, available on all platforms

From tomorrow the new Panorama will be on newsstands The Mondadori newsmagazine, edited by Giorgio Mulè, has been completely transformed, both in its news approach and layout, to interpret in a modern and surprising manner the profound changes underway in the media world. And there are five key words that define the new magazine: selection, authoritativeness, originality, multimedia and positive.

The new Panorama interprets news with a different perspective and with a new slogan: “La tua opinione è un fatto”, establishing a direct dialogue with its audience.
The magazine, which for 50 years has given an account of the events and the people of Italy, will provide all of the facts that are eliciting ideas and all of the ideas that can be become facts, establishing itself as an open system of communication, capable of stimulating discussion and debate. The new Panorama will be a magazine to discover, read, comment, share and navigate: a multimedia platform that compares different views, embracing all communication channels, from print to the web and from tablets to mobile.

“The new Panorama is a perfect demonstration of the ability of a newsmagazine to reinvent itself by intercepting new needs,” said editor Giorgio Mulè. “But it also shows the reason for and the central role played by a weekly current affairs magazine like Panorama in satisfying the needs of readers who are increasingly confused by the bombardment of news.”

Panorama will be clear, rational and never predictable, starting with the new logo and cover, with a layout that enhances the play off between black and white spaces and images.
The newsmagazine will be markedly different from what it has been, even in its internal structure, with a completely renovated organisation of the pages, divided into four sections.
The change is immediately noticeable from the Sommario (contents page) which, as a guide to the week, accompanies and stimulates the reader’s appetite with a trailer of 500 characters of everything that is relevant.
The magazine continues with Scenari (scenarios), a fast-moving succession of articles on key facts from both Italy and around the world, exclusive news about the economy, technology and society, and Punto (point), mini-editorials in which Panorama recounts the news, in line with forms of brief, tweet-style communication.
The core of the magazine is a 40-page section of extensive coverage of the most important events, which incorporates the rigorous investigative activities that have always distinguished Panorama by prestigious staff writers and a number of contributors.
The new Panorama will also dedicate special space to ideas and culture: the Visioni (visions) section brings together ideas, reflections, controversial opinions and surprising reviews, with an unusual approach to and a novel treatment of exhibitions, films and music. This is followed by Modi (fashions), in which Panorama identifies new trends, suggests experiences, and opportunities for living and leisure.
The final part of the magazine is Incipit (opening), a section in which a writer re-interprets a news story in the form of the first pages of a novel.

The revolution of Panorama goes hand in hand with the renewal of the site, which will provide even more immediate news, focusing on a strong presence of mediamedia content, interpreting news to be shared with the speed and the language of the web. will be a news resource unlike any other, thanks to background reports and an ability to propose and tell stories.

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