R101 launches its new tv campaign “101 buoni motivi”

Tomorrow, 5 July, will see the launch of a new cycle of television commercials for R101101 buoni motivi” (“101 good reasons), a multi-subject campaign with surreal interviews that, for a week, will appear on 7 of the main channels of the Mediaset Group of the digital terrestrial platform.

The aim of the spots is to achieve a non-conventional and amusing type of communication able to capture the public’s attention and to encourage them to listen to the radio with a smile on their face, in line with the station’s latest claim: “Forever fun”.

“It’s the first time that we have run our new claim on TV,” declared Andrea Di Sciascio, Marketing Manager of R101. “The moment had come to strengthen the positioning of the R101 brand, which is increasingly identified as something positive and ironic. Consequently, we decided to give space to everyday situations, where R101 is a seen as a familiar presence at all times of the day, and providing a carefree and relaxed sensation,” Di Sciascio concluded.

The protagonists of the commercials are ordinary people who, in response to an interview, sui generis, indicate R101 as the secret ingredient in their small successes, from a tasty recipe to the perfect cultivation of a vegetable garden.

The 15’’ spots, created and produced by the advertising director Gigi Piola – awarded Bronze Lion at Cannes Festival in 2002 and other prizes – will be transmitted in the schedules in such a way as to reach the radio’s prime target (30-50 year olds) and communicate the characteristics of the R101 style: everyday good humour, energy and the most engaging music from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and today.