Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni: starting from tomorrow an all-new magazine

Starting from tomorrow Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni will be a magazine completely renovated. The weekly, which for 60 years has been a reference point for show business is evolving in line with the changes taking place in the world of entertainment and will propose a new formula with an innovative editorial formula for readers interested in television and much more.

“The television and entertainment landscape has changed dramatically in recent years with the arrival of new channels, new platforms and new ways of using content”, said Aldo Vitali, editor of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni. “With the new version of the magazine we want to offer to readers, often confused and looking for a guide, an authoritative tool to help them find their way through the vast array of television programmes, films, music, books, technology, radio and all the other various forms of entertainment”.

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, the undisputed leader in its segment, will have a new editorial approach, strengthening its ability to identify and satisfy the interests of its readers.
The magazine is divided into three distinct sections:

  • show news, with the most important news of the week
  • services, with more extensive and in-depth articles;
  • guides, featuring reviews, reports and suggestions for “consumption” and dedicated to main themes of the magazine: TV, cinema, music, web, technology

In particular, the TV Listings section, which will remain the fundamental reason for buying the magazine, will guide readers through the programmes: in fact, the classic schedules will be supported by a new double page highlighting the best programmes selected by the editorial staff: over 100 viewing suggestions every week.

Through the innovations on the web site and on the social networks Facebook ( and Twitter (@tvsorrisi), Sorrisi will gather comments, reports, reviews, and identify new trends in audience taste. Among the various activities, the special initiative “Ho voglia di Sorrisi” (I want smiles) will be available: with a picture taken with a webcam or smartphone and uploaded to the dedicated mini-site users can become part of the magazine’s show.