A summer of success for Mondadori magazines: a total of over 1.2 million copies a week for Grazia, Donna Moderna, TuStyle and Chi

Carlo Mandelli, general manager Magazines Italy: “Circulation figures reward our brands and the boldness of our decisions”

A summer of big numbers for Mondadori that saw the success of the re-launching of the most important brands in its portfolio confirmed.

July and August circulation figures rewarded Grazia, Donna Moderna and Tustyle, all of which were re-launched at the same time in May, and Chi, which once again distinguished itself in the women’s people segment for its close links to the readers.

For all of these titles, the months following the re-launch and in particular the summer months, have been very positive, reversing the trend in circulation with a total of over 1,200,000 copies a week (+37% compared with April 2013, prior to the re-launch). To these results should be added the excellent performance of add-on sales and the confirmation of growth in digital.

In particular, the three women’s titles Grazia, Donna Moderna and TuStyle, reconceived in order to more effectively respond to the needs of three distinct female targets, recorded total average summer weekly sales of 800.000 – that have grown continuously compared with the same period of the previous year – overtaking the already ambitious target of 750,000 copies, announced during the re-launch phase.

“We are very proud of these results,” declared Carlo Mandelli, general manager of Magazines Italy. “Clearly it was not presumptuous of us to state that it was an unprecedented initiative in the Italian consumer magazine market that has rewarded the company’s boldness and the efforts of everyone. The circulation figures confirm this success and Mondadori’s leadership in magazines. This is also thanks to the organisational decisions taken before the summer in the Magazines Italy area with the creation of a new structure based on the integration of print and digital, form which we hope to draw further satisfaction in the coming months,” Mandelli concluded.

Grazia achieved an average weekly sale in the summer of 220,000 copies, an increase on the previous year; Donna Moderna, which maintains its leadership position in women’s magazines, saw a continuous rise in circulation in July and August, with a weekly average of 360,000; there were also excellent figures for TuStyle, which over the two summer months recorded an average weekly sale of 220,000 copies.

There has also been a continuing rise in the presence of the three brands in digital, with an overall increase in the average number of unique users of 55% compared with last year (source: Shinystat, July/August), also thanks to the launch of Tustyle.it and the new mobile versions of Grazia.it and Donnamoderna.com.

The richness and liveliness of the content and exclusive news coverage have rewarded Chi, which saw total average circulation in July and August rise by 13% compared with the same period of 2012, reaching a total of 410,000 copies, with a peak of over 520,000 copies for the 14 August issue.

There was also much appreciation for the new formula of GraziaCasa, launched in the spring after the reconfiguration of the interiors portfolio. The magazine, which has enabled Mondadori to strengthen its control of the sector, saw a substantial increase in circulation from April to today (+73% compared with the same period of 2012), with average monthly sales of over 90.000 copies.