Books, Edizioni Mondadori: press office and events management now closer to editorial and marketing strategies

From tomorrow changes to the organisational structure of the press office and events area of Edizioni Mondadori will come into effect, aimed at bringing product communication closer, on the one hand, to editorial development and, on the other, to marketing activities.

Changes largely determined by the so-called digital revolution have significantly reinstated the primacy of the author-publisher-reader relationship.

In line with the focus on content, regardless of the distribution platform, the role of communication needs to be reconsidered in order to ensure an ever-closer link with the publishing house.

Consequently, the head of the press office of Edizioni Mondadori, Francesca Gariazzo, will now report directly to the literary director Antonio Riccardi, who will also be responsible for the Rome office.

Promotional activities and events management – overseen by Nadia Focile – will become, like digital communication activities, part of the marketing department, headed by Giovanni Dutto.

“These organisational changes,” announced Riccardo Cavallero, the Mondadori Group’s general manager of Trade Books, “is a further demonstration of the innovative approach that characterises our publishing group and is ensuring an effective response to the new digital technologies”.

“I would like to thank Piera Cusani for the professionalism and grace with which she has managed the communication of books,” Cavallero continued, “and in the three years that we have worked together I have appreciated the enthusiasm the she brings to everything she does, from the day-to-day to the invention of the Anteprima Festival. I wish Piera every success in the future and I am sure that her team will be able to continue to work effectively along the lines that she has laid down over the years.”