CIAK awards comedy for women with the “CinéCiak d’oro”

The second edition of the “CinéCiak d’Oro”, the comedy awards created by CIAK as part of Ciné – Giornate estive di Cinema (Summer Days of Cinema), for films and protagonists who have left a mark on cinema’s most popular genre.

This year, in line with the theme of the Notte Rosa (Pink Night), all of the awards are characterised by a feminine tendency, with particular attention to Italian comediennes.


The “CinéCiak d’Oro” was awarded to Anna Foglietta, who was elected Best Comedy Performance of the year for her explosive role as a sensual and hilarious fishwife, in the Christmas film Colpi di fulmine by Neri Parenti.

The surprising and highly popular series created and directed by Ivan Cotroneo, Una mamma imperfetta (produced by Indigo Film and 21, in cooperation with Rai Fiction and Corriere della Sera) won the “CinéCiak d’Oro Colpo di Fulmine”, for combining cinematic quality with the lightness and accessibility of the web. The series, available online on the web site and broadcast in September by Raidue, in eight minutes and with a touch of unpredictable folly, looks at the problems that all mothers have to face, caught between childcare and work, the household and husbands, the unexpected and the obstacles.

A film within a film, between reality and fiction, Una famiglia perfetta by Paolo Genovese, was awarded the prize for the Commedia dell’anno (Best Comedy of the Year), thanks above all to a never before seen (at least in Italian cinema) ability to celebrate femininity through an extraordinary group of protagonists: including Carolina Crescentini who was awarded the “CinéCiak d’Oro Miglior Attrice in commedia” (Best Actress in a Comedy) for her role as Sole.

Monica Guerritore received the important “CinéCiak d’Oro-Classic” for her skills as an committed actress and her ability to adapt to comic and grotesque characters in the last season thanks to her roles in La peggior settimana della mia vita and Come non detto.

Finally, Claudia Gerini was awarded the special Absolut Comedian prize, following her recognition as the authentic contemporary heir of the great comedy actresses of the past, such as Monica Vitti.

CIAK is the partner of “Ciné – Giornate estive di Cinema”, an event promoted by ANICA, in cooperation with ANEC and ANEM: an important appointment for the film industry during which the annual conventions of the distribution companies are held, along with the presentation of the films due for release in the second half of the year.