CIAK D’ORO 2013 for Italian cinema

  • The readers of CIAK and a jury of 100 journalists and critics award Italian cinema
  • Four-prize triumph for La migliore offerta by Giuseppe Tornatore
  • Margherita Buy and Toni Servillo best actors of the year
  • Il rosso e il blu wins the new “CIAK-ALICE GIOVANI” prize
  • Among the big winners Viva la libertà, Reality and L’intervallo
  • “SUPERCIAK D’ORO” to the trio of women from Amiche da morire: Claudia Gerini, Cristina Capotondi and Sabrina Impacciatore
  • “CIAK D’ORO BELLO & INVISIBILE” goes to Bellas mariposas by Salvatore Mereu
  • Ettore Scola takes the “CIAK D’ORO CLASSIC”
  • A new prize this year the “CIAK FERRAGAMO PARFUMS SIGNORINA”

An extraordinary edition of the CIAK D’ORO prizes celebrates great Italian cinema.

In fact, this year’s awards created by CIAK, the monthly film magazine edited by Piera Detassis, will mark the triumph of La miglior offerta by Giuseppe Tornatore, Viva la libertà by Roberto Andò and Reality by Matteo Garrone, while the CIAK D’ORO for a First Film went to L’intervallo by Leonardo Di Costanzo.

The award ceremony CIAK D’ORO 2013 will be held this evening in Rome, for the fourth consecutive year, at the prestigious Palazzo Valentini.

La miglior offerta won four awards: Best Director, Best Editing, Best Costume Design and the very important Best Film of the year.

Readers of the monthly rewarded Viva la libertà by Roberto Andò with the CIAK D’ORO for Best Actor, Toni Servillo, and Best Supporting Actor, Valerio Mastandrea, while the jury of critics awarded it the prize for Best Screenplay. There were three CIAK D’ORO awards also for Reality by Matteo Garrone, including Best Production Design and Best Photography. The latter award, voted unanimously by the jury of journalists, went to Marco Onorato, an outstanding artist of light who died too soon. The award will be received by his wife, Donatella Rimoldi.

It was also an important year for Sergio Castellitto who was awarded by the magazine’s staff the male SUPERCIACK D’ORO as director of Venuto al mondo, and leading actor in Una famiglia perfetta as well as his career.

In an important year for women in the cinema, Margherita Buy has won the CIAK D’ORO as Best Actress in a leading role for her portrayal of Irene, an inspector of luxury hotels in the much appreciated Viaggio sola by Maria Sole Tognazzi. The prize is for the first time with the support of the fragrance Signorina by Ferragamo Parfums.

Also underlining the success of women is the SUPERCIAK D’ORO awarded to the irreverent trio Claudia Gerini, Cristiana Capotondi and Sabrina Impacciatore, stars of the film Amiche da morire by Giorgia Farina.

New in the CIAK D’ORO 2013, the CIAK-Alice Giovani prize (the result of a collaboration between the magazine and Alice nella Città, the independent and autonomous section of the Rome International Film Festival), which is dedicated to Italian films aimed at young people and awarded to Giuseppe Piccioni’s comedy Il Rosso e il blu.

The real surprise this year was the two awards given to L’intervallo by Leonardo Di Costanzo: the critics and journalists voted it the Best First Film and awarded the producers Carlo Cresto-Dina of Tempesta Film and Tiziana Soudani of Amka (with Paolo Del Brocco for Rai Cinema).

The composer Mauro Pagani won the award for Best Soundtrack for Educazione Siberiana, while Flowers blossom by Thony featured in Tutti i santi giorni won the Best Original Song.

The coveted CIAK D’ORO Bello & Invisibile, awarded by the magazine’s staff to a film of great quality that did not do especially well at the box office, this year goes to Bellas mariposas by Salvatore Mereu.

Finally the CIAK D’ORO CLASSIC, the award for an extraordinary career, goes to Ettore Scola.

At 6pm, before the beginning of the ceremony, three short films by FILM FACTORY ITALIA – IMPARARE IL CINEMA will receive their first screenings: Hands with Cristiana Capotondi and Francesco Colella, 18 mq with Pia Engleberth, Alessandro Roja, Federica Castellini and Martina De Santis, and Free-Go with Alba Rohrwacher, Paolo Rossi, Mauro Parrinello, Alex Cendron and Silvia Annichiarico. The work of young filmmakers from different countries, the project, which is the result of the cooperation between Disaronno, the monthly film magazine CIAK and OffiCine, aimed at young film talent. The shorts will be presented by Silvio Soldini, the project’s artistic supervisor, along with the coordinator Paolo Borraccetti. Both students and actors will also be present at the screening.

A new prize, the CIAK-Alice Giovani, and the FILM FACTORY ITALIA project are both a demonstration of CIAK’s support for the cinema, training and education and a confirmation that, today, more than ever, a specialised magazine must know how to look beyond its pages and be open to the enormous world of media and the many audiovisual platforms that are currently being developed.