Coming soon “Cotti e sparlati”, a window on the world of gossip from R101

Every Sunday a new appointment for news about celebrities presented by Flavia Cercato and Sergio Sironi

R101 goes in search of snippets and curiosities about celebrities with Cotti e sparlati, a new programme, presented by Flavia Cercato and Sergio Sironi, dedicated to the hot news items of the week, accompanied by light and amusing comments and a mix of news and humour.

Every Sunday on R101, from 12 to 1 pm, the two presenters will draw up a list of the week’s five most discussed items of gossip, and also providing a selection of the latest news from the web. The programme will also have as a regular guest the Chi journalist Valerio Palmieri, who will reveal behind the scenes details directly from the magazine.

Cotti e sparlati will also have a “lightning conductor” moment, in which listeners can let off steam and freely criticise a personality who, for one reason or another, has irritated them, and giving their point of view. Finally, a pointed guessing game will be launched at the end of every programme by gossip specialist Gabriella Sassone, who will invite the most malicious listeners to guess the name of that week’s mysterious celebrity.