the video story “un’ #azionecoifiocchi” takes 1st place on youtube in the category “Non-profit and activism” with 83,000 views, one of Italy’s leading web sites for women, presented to the Fondazione Istituto Europeo di Oncologia (European Institute of Oncology -FIEO) the proceeds of “Un’azione coi fiocchi”, an online charity initiative in support of the couples who every year have difficulty conceiving a child, in collaboration with Pro-Fert, (Società Italiana Conservazione Fertilità), the Italian Fertility Conservation Association.

The users of, by sharing the initiative with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, activated an authentic web charity chain triggered by a video-story in support of fertility which in a short time generated 83,000 views YouTube and winning the first place among the most viewed (of the week and month) and popular videos on the web in the “Non-profit & Activism” category.

Thanks to the likes and shares on social networks, donated €5,000 to the Fondazione Istituto Europeo di Oncologia: the proceeds will be used by the FIEO to promote an innovative study led by Dr. Fedro Alessandro Peccatori, Director of the Fertility and Reproductive Oncology Unit at the IEO, into “Cancer and fertility: the importance of prevention.”

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Fondazione IEO
“Better care through research” is the motto of the IEO, established in 1994 on an idea by ​​Prof. Umberto Veronesi, and which is inspired by an innovative model of health and advanced research in the field of oncology, integrating the various activities in the fight against cancer: prevention, diagnosis, health education and training, research and treatment.
In order to conduct research of consistently high quality and reliability you need to ensure that researchers have a real opportunity to work consistently at the highest level, which is why the Institute is supported by the Fondazione IEO, a non-profit fundraising organisation.
For IEO and its Fondazione, the fight against cancer is conducted along three lines: clinical activities concentrated in the three areas of prevention and diagnosis, surgery and medical care; experimental research which has absolute priority; and training, to which the utmost importance has always been given.

Profert, the Italian Fertility Conservation Association, is a scientific body which brings together gynaecologists, reproductive specialists, oncologists and biologists. It is chaired by Dr. Andrea Borini, chief clinician and scientist of the Tecnobios Procreation centres.
The associations objectives include: the organisation of clinical trails, the establishment of a network of counselling centres for the preservation of fertility, the training of doctors in the field, the drafting of guidelines for specialists, the promotion of information campaigns to build awareness among women and men of childbearing age how to safeguard their ability to have children.