Mondadori at the 2013 ”Lucca Comics & Games”

From 31 October to 3 November, encounters with authors, news and events

Mondadori will propose a large number of public events at this year’s of “Lucca Comics & Games”, the International Festival of Comics, animated film, illustration and games. From today, Thursday 31 October, until 3 November, fans can choose from a series of meetings with authors, presentations, previews and events at the Mondadori Comics Stand (Piazza Napoleone Pavilion E149 ) and the Mondadori-Games Stand(Carducci Pavilion A709 ) and at other festival locations.

Starting today, Thursday 31 October with a celebration of the great George R.R. Martin, an event dedicated to the Game of Thrones with a contest between cosplayers and highly qualified judges such as Sergio Altieri, Matteo Patané and Edward Stoppacciaro, and the screening of a key episode of the TV series broadcast on Sky, at 5.30 pm in the Auditorium San Girolamo.

Friday 1 November is a very full day: at the Mondadori-Comics Stand at 10 am Giancarlo Berardi and Ivo Milazzo, creators of the celebrated Ken Parker, will reveal the details of the re-edition of the Lungo Fucile saga.

At 12 Cecilia Randall will present Millennio di fuoco together with Francesco Millennium Falcons. At 12 midday and at 5 pm, a double date with Gine, the designer of the unpublished Gli scudi di Marte, the twelfth volume of the series Historica. The day continues with a preview presentation of Prima, a new series of bimonthly Mondadori Comics: at 4 pm (and again on Saturday at 5 pm), a meeting with Robin Recht , one of the two extraordinary designers of Elric – il trono di rubino, the first volume of the saga.

And don’t miss at 4 pm, in the Auditorium San Girolamo, the long-awaited Chrysalide Roundtable, featuring Licia Troisi, Leonardo Patrignani, Emma Romero, Barbara Baraldi, Francesco Falconi and Vanni Santoni, with Sergio Altieri in the moderator’s chair.

The first event on Saturday 2 November is at 11.15 am in the Ingellis Hall, where Paolo Barbieri presents Apocalisse with Valerio Massimo Manfredi. At 2 pm there are two events: Valerio Massimo Manfredi presents My Name is Nobody: The Return at the Auditorium San Romano. While the spectacular Cosplay Hunger Games Parade (in partnership with Universal Pictures ) begins, starting from the MOV Area of the Praetorian Loggia in Piazza San Michele ending at the Mondadori-Games Stand. Almost at the same time, also on the Stand, the Cosplayer Hunger Games photo session will start.

And again on the Hunger Games theme, at the Universal stand the public may draw a ticket to win great Hunger Games prizes. While at 4 pm, on the Mondadori-Comics Stand, a special guest Hermann will be available to the public to sign copies of Bois Maury from the Historica series.

The grand finale of the day will take place at 4.30 pm, with the C&G Cosplayer Asterix event, on the Lucca stage: a surprise that should not be missed.

Sunday 3 November, the final day, begins with Vanni Santoni presenting Terra ignota, with Emanuele Manco of Fantasy Magazine, at 11.15am in the Ingellis Hall, and ends wonderfully with the presentation of I regni di Nashira. Il sacrificio by Licia Troisi accompanied by Sandrone Dazieri, at 2 pm in the Auditorium San Romano.

In addition, every day at the Mondadori-Comics Stand, you can browse and interact with Mondadori digital comics (Diabolik, Asterix, Lupo Alberto, Milo Manara, etc.) on the latest generation devices available to visitors.