Mondadori bets on its brands for women: Grazia, Donna Moderna and TuStyle, 3 new titles in 3 days

Ernesto Mauri, Group chief executive:“Mondadori is a leading player thanks to the strength of innovation and product quality”

With an unprecedented initiative in the Italian consumer magazine market, Mondadori is significantly updating its offer in the women’s sector with the launch, over just three days, of three completely redesigned weeklies: Grazia, Donna Moderna and TuStyle.

The three titles, each with a distinct positioning in three different segments of the market – upscale/Grazia, service/Donna Moderna and consumer/TuStyle – reach a weekly total of over 3.6 million readers, with an expected circulation in the launch phase of an average of more than 750,000 copies in 7 days.

Grazia, Donna Moderna and TuStyle – in print, on tablets and online – leverage a digital system with more than 5.3 million unique users per month and over 62.7 million page views on and, to which will added before the summer.

The increasing integration with the online iteration is also conducted on social networks: the official Facebook pages of the three magazines combined exceed 345,000 likes, the Twitter accounts have a total of about 200,000 followers, as well as a growing presence also other leading social platforms.

“We are particularly proud to have completed plan involving three of our women’s titles, a segment in which we are already the leader with a market share of well over 50%”, said Ernesto Mauri, chief executive of Mondadori.

“Mondadori’s extraordinary capacity for innovation, that has always put product quality first, now involves a multimedia logic that embraces print and digital, and constitutes an integrated system based on the centrality and strength of the brand”, Mauri added. “In just a few months, thanks to the impeccable work done by the staff and the three new editors of the titles – Silvia Grilli, Annalisa Monfreda and Marina Bigi – we have developed three products that we are sure will find favour with the public and the market, enabling Mondadori not only to consolidate, but to further increase its leadership”, Mauri concluded.

The first issues of the three new weeklies will feature a total of 284 advertising pages, an increase of 29% over the same period last year, bucking the trend in the market.

For the relaunch of the three women’s weeklies Mondadori has put together a massive communication plan that includes a campaign for each weekly, divided across different media – TV, radio, web, social networks, press, large-scale retail, retail outlets, airports, train stations – with an overall gross investment of more than € 15.6 million.

While remaining true to the characteristics that have made them successful over the years, Mondadori’s three new women’s titles come with a range of new features: starting today, Wednesday 8 May, with TuStyle. The “personal shopper weekly” edited by Marina Bigi, in addition to numerous new design features, will be even more lively, timely and engaging, with more space for must-have fashion, more attention to low budget options and comparisons with the world of celebrities, for shopping at affordable prices.

It will then be the turn of Donna Moderna, Italy’s most widely read women’s magazine, edited by Annalisa Monfreda, that from tomorrow, Thursday 9 May, can be browsed in a completely new version and format. Thanks to the title’s usual practicality and its vocation of providing a service to its readers, the new Donna Moderna offers always new and original advice and information to meet everyday challenges, both big and small, in a creative and unusual way. All with a new look that combines the authority of a historic brand with the typical irony of women. There will be even more space for femininity and beauty, not to mention issues related to work, current events and all other aspects of being a woman at 360 degrees.

From Friday 10 May Grazia will appear with a new face to reaffirm its position as the fashion weekly where fashion meets news: the magazine edited by Silvia Grilli will be more contemporary, glam and chic, with the same international feel of the network that has taken the brand to 22 countries around the world. For women interested in current events, to fashion and trends in beauty, Grazia will offer its readers many new features: an even bigger format and a more energetic and rich cover, while retaining the unmistakable DNA that made the magazine a reference point for style among women’s magazines.

Each campaign has a different creative aim, in line with the mission of the title: that of TuStyle “I want and I can”, developed by the agency Stylum, highlights and emphasises the positioning of the magazine in an original and sparkling way, in tune with the attitudes to life of the target audience, young women who love fashion, shopping and new looks at affordable prices.

The Donna Moderna campaign “I want to be me” – conceived by Stylum for TV and HI! Communication for print, radio and web – expresses authenticity, practicality and irony, characteristics of the personality of the magazine and its readers.

For the communication of Grazia “Look for news”, created by Daniel Cobianchi and Alessandro Sabini for Pocko, speaks to a female audience interested in the latest fashion trends, shopping and beauty, but that does not ignore current events, news, in order to fully live its contemporary dimension.