Mondadori Pubblicità acquires exclusive rights for the sale of national advertising for Radio Subasio

The advertising company of the Mondadori Group strengthens its portfolio in the radio sector with an offer that reaches a daily average of 8.9 million listeners

From this month the sale of national advertising for the Radio Subasio will be exclusively managed by Mondadori Pubblicità.

The agreement is a further fundamental step in the process of reinforcing the Mondadori Group’s advertising sales company which, already strong with its sales for R101, Radio Kiss and, since April of this year, Radio Italia solomusicaitaliana – with the addition of Radio Subasio consolidates its leadership in the Italian radio market.

With an average daily total of 8.9 million listeners and 23.8 million over 7 days, net of duplications, Mondadori Pubblicità’s new offer is extraordinarily complementary in terms of the stations listeners, both in terms of the target and distribution around the country. The addition of Radio Subasio to the Mondadori Pubblicità portfolio completes the coverage of central Italy, where the station is leader in terms of audience.

“This concession if further proof of the consideration of Mondadori Pubblicità for the radio business as a strategic asset with great development potential,” declared chairman and chief executive, Angelo Sajeva. “In the space of just a few months, firstly with the acquisition of the concession for Radio Italia and now the addition of Radio Subasio, we have significantly altered the configuration of the Italian radio market and our position in it. Our offer is now structured, both in numerical terms and the way in which it complements the different targets, it really can become the first choice of clients who want to use radio to advertise their products and services and,” Sajeva concluded, “with this acquisition, which will increase our annual revenues in the sector to over €60 million, we will also become one of the leading radio advertising sales companies in the Italian market.”

With a daily average of 1.6 million listeners and 6.1 million over 7 days, Radio Subasio is Italy’s most important local radio station.

“For us this opens up a new phase,” underlined Rita Settimi, president of Radio Subasio, “that we hope will be positive for a marked increase in advertising sales in a very difficult moment for the market as a whole.”