Mondadori Pubblicità launches Top News, on radio a new advertising format broadcast live, at the same time, on R101, Radio Italia, Radio Subasio and RadioNorba

A new communication opportunity for advertising clients in big impact slots, thanks to the inclusion of breaking news from TGCOM24
For the first time live at the same time on four radio stations

Mondadori Pubblicità today announced the launch of TOP NEWS, a new radio format involving an exclusive advertising break, lasting for a maximum of 90”, broadcast at the same time on R101 and Radio Italia solomusicaitaliana and two important local stations Radio Subasio and Radionorba, with an overall audience of 14 million listeners in a planning week.

The offer, which is planned to begin from Monday 21 October, will be positioned in radio time bands with a big impact in terms of audience and next to breaking news from TGCOM24, that for the first time will be broadcast live and at the same time also on radio, as well as on TV and in streaming on the web and mobile. This new advertising break from Mondadori Pubblicità will be on air at the same time on 4 stations, immediately after the TGCOM24 news bulletins at 8 am and 9 am, and 6 pm and 7 pm, guaranteeing advertising clients maximum coverage and an exclusive slot for their campaigns.

“With the TOP NEWS solution,” Paolo Salvaderi, general manager of Mondadori Pubblicità underlined, “our commercial offer will be enhanced by a very high quality product that guarantees clients big audience numbers, same-time broadcast on 4 radio stations and exclusive positioning next to the high quality and extraordinarily well known content of TGCOM24’s Breaking News. Initial reactions from the market have been extremely positive and the slots have already been sold-out for the first weeks,” Salvaderi concluded.

TGCOM24, the Mediaset Group’s All News platform, is the ideal partner for all the radio broadcasters involved in Mondadori Pubblicità’s Top News project. A multichannel, multimedia platform among the most authoritative in the world of news, TGCOM24 is a widely recognised brand in the world of Italian journalism with an All News service that operates 24-hours a day and is characterised by continuous updates and dynamic and professional presentation.