New structure for Edizioni Mondadori

As of March 1, 2013 a new function will be included – Literary Director – reporting to Laura Donnini, Managing Director of Edizioni Mondadori. The new position will be assigned to Antonio Riccardi who, in cooperation with the Editorial Directions, will support Laura Donnini in the development of the company’s publishing strategies.

“The changes of the book publishing market deriving from the digital revolution and the new reading habits as well as the increased crossover of genres and literary styles have inspired a new, more strengthened organization better focused on our publishing strategies”, said Laura Donnini.

“We believe that the new structure will enable us not only to increase our ability to acquire new editorial talents, but also to strengthen our publishing and marketing capabilities with a synergic approach to all possible content formats, keeping clear in mind that competition is no longer only for the market share but also for the share of attention of our potential readers”, continued Donnini.

The Editorial department of Edizioni Mondadori, reporting to Laura Donnini, Managing Director, includes: Literary Director – Antonio Riccardi; Fiction Books Department headed by Antonio Franchini; Non-fiction Books Department headed by Francesco Anzelmo; Popular Non-fiction Books Department headed by Gabriella Ungarelli; Children Books Department headed by Fiammetta Giorgi; Paperback Books Department temporarily headed by Antonio Riccardi.