R101 is the official radio for “ENERGIZER NIGHTRUN for UNICEF”

The station will follow the event with animation, special prizes and lost of music

R101 is the official radio of the ENERGIZER NIGHTRUN for UNICEF on 15 June in Milano, a day of music and fun. starting in the afternoon, the station’s animators will entertain the public from the stage of the sponsors village in Piazza del Cannone, with games, dancing and gadgets for everyone.

But, on R101, the spotlight on the race, will be turned on from 3 June. In the two weeks before the event, listeners will be able to win goody bags with all they need to participate in the race in games and quizzes on the air and on R101’s social media pages.

A special gift is also foreseen for the runner who finishes the race in the 101st position: a special R101 kit, with lots of surprises offered by the station.