Social Media Week Milano 2013: the Mondadori Group event media partner

The group’s social profiles- with over a million fans on Facebook and more than 700 thousand followers on Twitter – will cover the events of this year’s event
The InMondadori store in Piazza Duomo in Milan among the official locations of Social Media Week

The Mondadori Group is a media partner of the new edition of Social Media Week that begins today in Milan in conjunction with nine other cities around the world. The event, which will continue until Friday 22 February, is dedicated to the analysis of the role of social media in both the public and private aspects of people’s lives.

Mondadori, a leader in magazine and book publishing and with the most extensive network of bookstores in Italy, has always paid attention to the languages ​​and forms of communication of all of its communities of readers, both print and digital. The Group is present online with dozens of brands active on all of the major platforms and follows with interest the creativity and dynamics of the social landscape.

The social profiles of the Group include more than one million fans on Facebook and 700 thousand followers on Twitter. The company’s profile on Linkedin now has more than 10,000 contacts. Meanwhile the company’s brands are also active on other social networks, including YouTube, Pinterest and Tumblr.

On the occasion of Social Media Week, Mondadori’s digital channels will cover the issues emerging from the presentations, discussions and workshops, drawing up an outline of the new scenarios in media and technology. The Group will also make its own event space InMondadori (, at its store in Piazza Duomo in Milan, available, making it one of the official locations of Social Media Week and host to some of the daily events in the programme.

Some of the most anticipated events include:

on Tuesday 19 February, from 1pm La città che dà spazio al tempo: conciliazione e work-life balance”, moderated by Annalisa Monfreda, editor of Donna Moderna;

on Tuesday 19 February, from 3pm, “Facciamoci avanti. Le donne, il lavoro e la voglia di riuscire” (Putting ourselves forward. Women, work and the will to succeed), with Laura Donnini, general manager of Edizioni Mondadori. A round table discussion, organised in association with Valore D, and inspired by the book by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, Facciamoci avanti (Lean In), which will be published in Italy on 12 March.

on Wednesday 20 February, from 3pm, a panel discussion and analysis of the links between social media and the law, starting from the recent shutdown of the site;

on Wednesday 20 February, from 7pm, “Communicating Fashion on Tumblr”, a discussion led by Tamu McPherson, Style Director of;

on Friday 22 February at 3pm, “Twitter: a guide to digital chat”, with Stefano Jugo, head of editorial marketing at Giulio Einaudi Editore.

Social Media Week will be followed by R101, which will give a voice to many of the most important personalities of the Italian net during the station’s most popular programmes.

You can follow Social Media Week on Twitter using the hashtag #SMWMilan

An up-to-date calendar of the events of Social Media Week is available at