The web tv by women for women:, the new web TV by women for women, which offers a daily range of news and content designed specifically for women, will be online on February.

In line with the pay-off “see how easy it is,” will provide videos and clips dedicated to cooking, mothers and children, DIY, fitness, beauty, gossip and the world of work, involving emerging and well-known personalities from television and theatre. With a rich programming, the web TV is also accessible through the playlists of programmes.

For the launch, will exclusively present episodes of Madame Rouge (, the new character played by Lucianna De Falco who, immersed in a bath full of bibbles and hot peppers, every Thursday offers recipes with a touch of spice and burlesque.

The schedule foresees other rolling programmes and features made ​​exclusively for Including:

  • Cris! Una donna sull’orlo di tutte le crisi, in which every Tuesday the protagonist, Adalgisa Vavassori, will look at the various aspects of the current crisis as they affect today’s women. A “Crisometro” will measure the level of crisis of users in relation to the subject matter;
  • Pierangela: On Wednesdays Pia Engleberth will take an ironic look at the world of women through the behaviour of female animals (the praying mantis, the razorbill, the fawn);
  • Prendi Nota!: Five ‘musts’ for women, news and information about beauty, love, health, food and sex, examined every Monday in the witty style of is online with over 5,000 videos, 11 thematic channels, 200 new vdeos a month, in partnership with third-party publishers and authors.