1954 -2014: Interni is 60 years old

From 3 December on all newstands along with the magazine a special volume 60 YEARS of INTERNI

INTERNI, the interiors and contemporary design magazine that has been a part of the fantastic and adventurous story of Italian furniture and interior design is 60 years old. And to celebrate this anniversary INTERNI has produced a special volume 60 YEARS of INTERNI, published by Mondadori, that illustrates six decades of evolution in design with articles, images, documents and advertising campaigns published since 1954.

“The story of INTERNI coincides with the history of Italy since the end of the second world war and, above all, with the history of design. From being Italy’s first interiors magazine, INTERNI evolved into a system of communication that now gives an account of the world of design through a series of different parallel publications and media: form print to the web, as well as creating and organising events and exhibitions conceived as a means of facilitating exchange between designers, producers and distributors,” explained Gilda Bojardi, editor of INTERNI. “Over the years we have had the great fortune to follow and cover the development of a sector that represents Italy around the world and which has come about thanks to the intuitions of genial architects, designers and cultural operators, courageous entrepreneurs and a host of other exceptional individuals who have had, and continue to have, the courage to dare,” concluded Bojardi.

60 YEARS of INTERNI has attracted the support of 170 clients, some of the most representative of the design sector, though not only, who have contributed to the extraordinary results of the INTERNI system which, on a like-for-like basis, will close 2014 with a 14% increase in advertising revenues compared with 2013.


The volume reflects the many stories that have made Italian design great, a sort of visual account, divided into six decades, that outlines the main lines of development in habits and tastes in living and the design culture in Italy, also as seen through the main protagonists and many of the iconic products of each period: from the first Olivetti calculator in the 60s, to the Pop culture of the 70s, and from the domestic revolution of the 80s and Kartell’s legendary polycarbonate chair, that marked the beginning of a new transparency in interiors on the 90s, up to the new trajectories of the present.

Completing the history, is a collection of all of the covers of 60 years of INTERNI, 15 collections of drawings, the designs that every month are done for the magazine by a major designer or architect, and a selection of the events created and organised by the magazine over the years.

Plus, especially for the occasion a special web site has been created 60anni.internimagazine.it featuring unseen interviews with the editor Gilda Bojardi and the tutors form the different decades analysed, a browse-able pdf format of the book as well as a selection of printed content from the volume INTERNI.

60 YEARS of INTERNI, with over 450 pages, features and introduction by Deyan Sudjic (director of Design Museum in London) and contributions from a number of leading critics, including – Vanni Pasca, Franco Raggi, Enrico Morteo, Andrea Branzi, Cristina Morozzi, Marco Romanelli, Beppe Finessi and Christoph Radl – and will be available on all newsstands from 3 December together with the latest edition of the magazine at the price of €10 (including the magazine).