CasaFacile, a new perspective on interiors

The Mondadori monthly changes look and strengthens its online presence with the launch of and a new app

For CasaFacile the new year starts with a bang. The monthly edited by Giusi Silighini is changing its look with an offer full of new features not only on newsstands, but also online and in digital: in fact the launch of the site and a new app, will contribute to the development of the brand across all media platforms.

CasaFacile will become a new point of reference for lovers of interior design and daily living at home,” claims the editor Giusi Silighini. “By maintaining a ‘beating heart’ characterised by simplicity, spontaneity and engagement, the title is also more authoritative and reliable with a fresh, engaging and lively language that aims to create a unique style in which women can recognise themselves and identify with.”

While staying faithful to the distinctive features that have led to its success over the years, CasaFacile is renewing its content, look and language.

The title now has a more contemporary feel and the first part of the magazine is devoted to news, trends and events, as in the new section “Dove, quando, perché: indirizzi, novità e trend da tenere sott’occhio” (Where, when, why: new products and trends to keep an eye on) that immediately projects the reader into the world of CasaFacile. Naturally, at the heart of the magazine are homes, each of them characterised by a “theme” (Home Inspiration, Home Décor, Home Ideas & Solutions, Home Before and After), while the second part of the magazine is more service-based, with thematic “how to” columns and features for example on décor and crafts and looking after plants and gardens. The layout is cleaner, easier to use and colourful, with weightier fonts, softer lines and a lively, but never gaudy use of colour in more extensive visual fields. Throughout the magazine there are graphic signals to guide the reader.

But what is really new is, a site that is totally in line with the CasaFacile style featuring news and anticipations, for example in the “Editor’s Blog”, or backstage coverage for “Before and After” on the video channel.

Moreover, with the new app (that can be downloaded for free from the App Store), as well as being able to flick through the magazine, users have access to all the content of the site laid out with an innovative design. As an expression of the new integrated print-digital organisation, offers extra multimedia background on the main features of the magazine, a wide range of practical advice and a special ‘how to’ tutorial section.

In recent years the magazine has also built up a community where readers have become authentic friends who share their hobbies and interests on the web: in fact CasaFacile has also form the start been very active on social networks and has more than 130,000 Facebook fans, as well as having a presence on Pinterest and YouTube.

But there have also been successes on the advertising side. Thanks also to the potential of the site and the new app, the new CasaFacile has been warmly received by advertisers, with the first issue after the relaunch recording a 60% increase – compared with January of last year – in advertising revenues.

The launch of CasaFacile will be supported by a significant communication campaign managed by Hi! and involving a range of media: TV, Mondadori magazines and websites, PoS, airports and railway stations. The new CasaFacile on newsstands from this week at the special price of €1. The magazine is also available from the iTunes Store where you can but a single copy or a subscription (3 months for just €4.49 or a year for just €15.99, with a free issue included).