Il Saloon di Adele, the first web fiction by launches

An Italian-style “Sex and the City” based in a provincial town, involving sentimental games and irony
A series of eight episodes in HD co-produced by Mondadori and Brandon Box in partnership with L’Oréal Paris, L’Oréal Professionnel and Lycia

Today sees the debut on of Il Saloon di Adele, the first web fiction in HD by

At the heart of the series, co-produced by Mondadori and Brandon Box, is a hairdresser, her customer/friends and the local competition in a small Italian provincial town. Il Saloon di Adele is “the only hairdresser open also on Mondays”, the day on which, at 11 am, from week to week, the eight-minute episodes, written by Camilla Sernagiotto and Andrea Sgaravatti, and directed by Guido Geminiani and Enrico Riscassi will be shown at

“ has always been attentive to the most important trends in digital media and the launch of a high quality web fiction like Il Saloon di Adele is further proof,” declared Daniela Cerrato, head of digital marketing properties at Mondadori. “The already appreciated video serials on, are now evolving into a high level format that, already in the production phase, has been conceived for use on a wide range of devices and for eventual release on other channels. The strong points include a high level of engagement with users, who in this instance can see themselves in the four types of women represented in the show as well as in Italian provincial life,” Cerrato concluded.

The launch of the web fiction will be supported by social communication with the hashtag #SaloondiAdele, on the Donna Moderna profiles on Facebook and Twitter, and a Facebook page dedicated to “Il Saloon di Adele”.

The series will be accompanied by a campaign on, with teasers and display ads. The promotional activities will also be supported by Videomediaset, where the channel will host a new section entirely dedicated to Il Saloon di Adele; and the series will also be available on and

The plot
In what is an original “pink western”, a narrator, with the voice of Emanuela Rossi (the official dubbing actor of Michelle Pfeiffer and Brenda Strong from Desperate Housewives, as well as the voice of Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta-Jones and many more) guides through the adventures of Adele (Laura Locatelli), a hairdresser of almost forty who runs a salon with a number of regular and loyal customers, each with a different personality and lifestyle: the stand-out characters are Elena (Orsetta Borghero), a divorce lawyer who is single from choice; Paola (Frida Bruno), a disastrous and regularly cheated on housewife; and Arianna (Ilaria Fratoni) a supermarket checkout girl with a number of degrees who dreams of publishing her first novel.

Through a series of plot twists, with tinges of romance, mystery and a fresh and ironic feel, 0Il Saloon di Adele is the perfect series for those who adored Desperate Housewives and the metropolitan adventures of Sex and the City. Episode by episode, the romantic evolutions and running gags alternate among the hairbrushes, curlers and shampoo, with mysterious surprises that quite quickly mess up the hairdos of the protagonists.

The partners
Il Saloon di Adele has been created in partnership with L’Oréal Paris, L’Oréal Professionnel and Lycia. The operation, overseen by Mediamond Digital, integrates the brands in the production of the series and offers an opportunity for promotional visibility that goes well beyond product placement. The project is also “social by design”, in other words, it has been conceived to give the members of the Donna Moderna community the chance to use the content and share easily on social networks.

“We have always been close to our consumers, offering scientifically advanced products at accessible prices,” declared Stefania Fabiano, brand director of L’Oréal Paris. “We decided to get involved in this project because the hairdressing salon has always been a place where women enjoy talking about themselves, measuring themselves against each other and sharing beauty tips. The first and most important beauty concern is skincare, and L’Oréal Paris has chosen to communicate three exclusive products that respond to specific consumer needs.”

“The hairdresser is the best of jobs”. And it is this conviction that for 105 years L’Oréal Professionel has been at the service of hairdressers in helping to transform every woman into a star. Being a part of Il Saloon di Adele is further confirmation for the brand of how strategic a figure the hairdresser is for all women. In the sit-com the “Saloon” is the place where the protagonists come together, with their overlapping stories that transform and evolve along with their trendy hairstyles.

The episodes of the series will also feature Lycia – the brand of the Artsana Group – that will appear in the series as a beauty ally of Adele and her friends. The protagonists, normal women trying to deal with day-to-day life, all need to take some time for themselves and Lycia, which has always been close to every woman, is at their side in the daily battle against time and routine, to enhance their femininity naturally and simply.