Mondadori buys digital marketing company Kiver

This operation will enable the Group to expand its integrated offer with assets and content and the immediate availability of specific know-how in the sector

The Mondadori Group has reached an agreement for the acquisition of 75% stake of Kiver, the marketing agency specialised in the development of digital promotion initiatives, branding and interactive advertising.

This operation will reinforce Mondadori’s presence in the digital marketing services sector, expand the range of its products and solutions in an integrated offer system with the Group’s assets and content, in synergy with the direct marketing activities of Cemit and the advertising sales network of Mediamond.

“The entry in the Group of a digital company with the high development potential of Kiver will allow us to propose increasingly complete and rich sets of solutions to better cover the needs of the digital marketing world, especially below the line,” declared Federico Rampolla, the Mondadori Group’s head of Digital Innovation.

“It will give us immediate access to additional specific skills and highly qualified know-how and allow us to operate in the market with a new commercial approach better able to respond to the needs of our clients,” Rampolla concluded.

Kiver, which is run by chief executive and co-founder Gianluca Perrelli, is specialised in performance marketing services, aimed at the creation of “pay per click” marketing campaigns, display and mobile advertising; touchpoint management, that facilitates the management of different digital contact points between companies and customers; and branded entertainment activities for the use of free content as promotional tools.