Mondadori launches the new Starbene: the magazine goes weekly from tomorrow

The magazine goes weekly from tomorrow
The Starbene system is being reinforced on the web and across the country with new initiatives dedicated to wellbeing

From tomorrow Starbene, leader in the wellbeing sector in terms of both circulation and readership, will be relaunched with a number of important new features: the magazine edited by Cristina Merlino is going weekly and reinforcing its system with a new approach in digital and a series of initiatives across the country.

“We have decided to concentrate our offer under the Starbene brand by rationalising the other titles in the portfolio in order to maximise the potential of a brand that is already a leader in the sector,” declared Carlo Mandelli, general manager of the Mondadori Group’s Magazines Italy area. “By going weekly we can enormously increase content production, and, as a result, accelerate and strengthen the digital offer, exactly as we have done in cooking and interiors. In fact, over the last year we have reorganised our entire portfolio, concentrating exclusively on the leading brands in the market with high multimedia potential. Only the wellbeing area, one of the fastest growing and most dynamic sectors in the market and one where Mondadori has always had a significant presence, was left out. Consequently, we have reviewed, reconfigured and relaunched all of our products in the area,” Mandelli concluded.

On the strength of an annual average circulation of 194,743 copies per month and 1.3 million readers, the new weekly Starbene will reinforce its role as a practical guide to healthy and dynamic living, with advice about health, beauty, fitness and ecology, as well as tests on products and therapies in order to be even closer to women and their families, in line with the new claim “The habit of wellbeing” (La tua abitudine al benessere).

“Given the great success of Starbene on newsstands it seemed worth increasing our engagement with wellbeing,” claimed Cristina Merlino, the magazine’s editor, “in order to provide the very latest news, as well as offering a faster and more practical selection of what’s new in health, beauty, ecology and be a useful weekly guide for Italian women and families. In addition, we will continue the established practice of Starbene of testing products, therapies and treatments by our experts and the editorial team to check their effectiveness and seriousness. Something that is highly appreciated by our readers to whom we want to offer even more with the new weekly edition,” Cristina Merlino concluded.

The magazine, which also has a new layout, will be even richer in terms of content, more attentive to news and providing useful advice, without renouncing the authoritative scientific detail that has always characterised the title. Starbene has the benefit of a pool of consultants made up of more than 100 experts and contributors from internationally renowned institutions, including the IEO (Istituto Europeo di Oncologia), available to interact with readers every day, also by telephone and on

Diet, beauty, health, ecology

Health is given extensive coverage in the weekly, from prevention to soft therapies, beauty treatments and psychology, as well as sport, ecology and diet.

Every week Starbene will take a look at what’s happening in the world of research with a column dedicated to recognised clinics, recommended for the quality of treatment and cost, city by city. It will also promote general wellbeing and beauty with practical tutorials, products “tested for you” and replies to readers’ questions from dermatologists, cosmeticians and beauticians. As well as promoting a lifestyle based on a healthy diet, that doesn’t overlook the pleasures of the Mediterranean tradition and vegetarian cooking.

But the new Starbene is not only about physical wellbeing, but rather the overall wellbeing of the individual and her surroundings. Alongside the latest trends in fitness, space is also given to the sort of travel and fashion that makes us feel good and respects our bodies, while paying attention to the most comfortable fabrics and the colours that also have a positive impact on our mood.

Plus, there will also be discount coupons for wellbeing travel and beauty treatments, with different special offers every week.

Also the web site is full of new features with an updated layout, up-to-date news and a space for dialogue with readers: every day on wellbeing is within reach thanks to a forum offering live contact with our experts; a special channel dedicated to the Exfat diet, that offers a personalised weight-loss programme supervised by Dr Carla Lertola; videos to learn the latest fitness exercises and a range of other appointments to help you feel fit.

#StoBeneSe is the Starbene initiative on Twitter and Facebook designed to build together with users a map of wellbeing. The first to reply to the question “What makes you feel well?” is the editor Cristina Merlino: “#StoBeneSe Hugging my children every evening before they go to bed”.

Starbene across the country

Starbene will also enhance its presence across the country as part of important events related to wellbeing, starting with Rimini Wellness: from 30 May to 2 June Starbene will offer visitors to the fair an exclusive brand experience at the “Starbene bistrot”, an area where you can regenerate yourself with healthy and natural food, find out ore about wellbeing and take a break in the relaxation zone.

The launch of the new Starbene will be supported by a campaign developed by Hi! Comunicazione on print, radio, TV, web, major retail outlets and outdoor. The first four issues of the weekly will be on newsstands at the launch price of €1.