Mondadori publishes its 2013 Sustainability Report

Ernesto Mauri: “The expectations of our customers and stakeholders are at the heart of the company’s commitment”

Mondadori has announced that its 2013 Sustainability Report is now available. The document, which can be viewed also online – – in the “Sustainability” section – completes the information contained in the 2013 Annual Report and outlines in detail the company’s performance in Italy with regard to sustainable development and the main indicators for the sector.

For Mondadori, the report, now in its third edition, provides not only an account of the company’s approach to issues related to social responsibility, but also and most importantly is a tool in support of a virtuous mechanism, that is in the character of the company, that aims to ensure the implementation of a range of management processes and improvements in the company’s economic, environmental and social performance.

“During the year we have taken resolute measures to deal with the challenges imposed by dramatic changes in the markets in which we operate,” declared Ernesto Mauri, chief executive of the Mondadori Group. “This has involved a system of organisational and management choices based on a new approach that takes account of the irreversible evolution of the media world while safeguarding the company opportunities for growth. We have consequently profoundly changed the company’s structure, through renewal and improving business and productive efficiency in order to guarantee a sustainable future for the company and its stakeholders, in line with the role that Mondadori wants to continue to play in civil society,” Mauri underlined.

“With the Sustainability Report we want to give an account of our results, large and small, within the management of a company in full respect of the rules governing its business activities, but also the needs of our customers and the expectations of our stakeholders,” Mauri concluded.

The document, approved by the board of directors and subjected to external review, has been prepared in compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines for the reporting of sustainability version G 3.1 with a B+ level of application of the standard.