Monradio: Mario Volanti and Marco Pontini to join the Board of Directors with powers to manage content and marketing at R101

Ernesto Mauri, CEO of Mondadori: “Radio strategic for the Group”

Mondadori is consolidating and strengthening its alliance with Radio Italia solomusicaitaliana following the positive results of the advertising sales begun last April.

Mario Volanti, president and publisher of the Radio Italia group, and Marco Pontini, general manager for marketing and sales at Radio Italia, are to join the board of directors of Monradio as directors with special powers for the management of R101 in terms of content and marketing.

“I am delighetd to accept this position along with Marco Pontini,” declared Mario Volanti. “It is a significant and prestigious challenge, that we take on with confidence that we will be able to make a contribution to the process of relaunching R101,” Volanti concluded.

“Radio is a strategic sector for our group and the decision to give this role to Mario Volanti – one of the founding fathers of commercial radio in Italy and a professional with established competence and knowledge of the medium – is a move that goes precisely in this direction,” underlined Ernesto Mauri, chief executive of the Mondadori Group.

Mario Volanti and Marco Pontini will work closely with Carlo Mandelli, managing director of Monradio, with the aim of providing significant support in consolidating and further enhancing the identity of R101 in the panorama of Italian commercial radio and launching a process for the strengthening and development of the musical and editorial content.