The magazine Il mio Papa arrives in Korea

A special issue in Korean created to tie in with the Holy Father’s visit to the country

ll mio Papa, the world’s first weekly entirely dedicated to Pope Francis, after its outstanding success in Italy, will exceptionally take the formula outside of Italy with a special issue for Korean readers.

In fact, tomorrow, Il mio Papa will launch a special My Pope edition in Korea to mark the arrival of His Holiness in Seoul for the VI Asian Youth Day (13-18 August).

My Pope, which will be on newsstands from 5 August as a free supplement to the Korean edition of Grazia, will offer an Asian audience a view of Pope Francis through anecdotes, stories and the most significant political and diplomatic meetings in the run up to the Holy Father’s visit to Korea.

With the same high-impact and photographically rich vibrant and colourful layout that characterises the Italian weekly edited by Aldo Vitali, the 24-page special in Korean will offer readers in the country a completely new window on the world of Pope Francis, paying particular attention to items of interest and images that portray the simple approach of the Holy Father’s daily gestures and habits: from the pope-mobile to his private residence and from the ring he wears to the significance of his clothes.

My Pope has been produced thanks to an agreement between Mondadori and Seoul Cultural Publishers Inc., and will be on newsstands, as a supplement to Grazia Korea for two weeks, at the usual price of 3.500 won (€2.40).