Donna Moderna makes its TV debut

From 4 May on La5 a new programme Donna Moderna Live from Monday to Friday at 7.45 pm

Monday 4 May sees the debut on La5 of a new programme: Donna Moderna Live, a lifestyle show inspired by the editorial formula of Donna Moderna, Italy’s most widely read women’s magazine.

Donna Moderna Live is an extraordinary adventure for our magazine and all of us working every day in the service of the brand; writing for the web site, feeding the social network, interacting with the community and putting the magazine together every week,” declared Annalisa Monfreda, the editor-in-chief of Donna Moderna. “Television offers us an unexplored narrative opportunity while at the same time complementing everything we have done so far. There is content that only TV cane fully valorise. Moreover, the protagonists of Donna Moderna Live will be the journalists, contributors and experts that already surround the magazine: people who have the DNA of the magazine in their blood and are truly passionate about what they write. Now they have the chance to transmit that passion in a less mediated, more direct and emotional context.”

Donna Moderna Live, which is produced by Magnolia, is a television format in 40 episodes that will be broadcast from Monday to Friday at 7.45 pm. The programme, presented by, Lucilla Agosti, a radio presenter and speaker, aims to simplify and, at the same time, enrich the lives of viewers by providing practical advice and trends through features that are in synergy with Donna Moderna.

Donna Moderna Live is an original format created by Branded Content Unit Magnolia “We are extremely happy to be working with Mondadori on this new adventure and to bring the content and style of a magazine like Donna Moderna to television for the first time,” claimed Ludovica Federighi, Head of BCU Magnolia. “With Mondadori and the Donna Moderna team we have built an original format, able to transmit the themes covered by the magazine in a deeper and more exciting way, ensuring an innovative experience for readers and viewers.”

The features of Donna Moderna Live

Every day of the week a particular issue will be developed starting from a key word of interest for women – beauty, fashion, wellness, food, homes. Each of these themes will inspire the various slots that make up the programme: from Help, in which experts respond to readers questions, Tutorial, in which a range of coaches provide step by step guidance on how to use make up, execute a recipe, realise a look or a new idea for home decoration or find the ideal new sports activity to keep you in shape.

Each week Donna Moderna Live, will also follow day by day the transformation of a ‘normal’ woman into a “Donna Moderna cover star” thanks to the style, fashion and fitness suggestions of a Donna Moderna journalist. The Mondadori magazine is the only title on the market that highlights “normal women” in its fashion coverage. Mothers, wives, friends, singles, career women, with all their good and bad points, put themselves in the expert hands designers, stylists and photographers to realise the dream of becoming a “model for a day”. And Donna Moderna Live video coverage of this project is attracting enormous success.

And, of course, there will also be advice for Mothers and the world that surrounds them.

Another interesting slot full of ideas is certainly CasaFacile Interiors, inspired by the Mondadori magazine of the same name: a docu-reality that helps women to find solution for furnishing, reordering and personalising various elements of the home. With the valuable assistance of furniture stylists, readers/viewers can take ideas and tips to modify parts of their home, also thanks to a “Before & After” appointment that provides a detailed outline of all the steps required to transform a room and create the home you want.

Also Food, produced in cooperation with the magazine Cucina Moderna, will have a space in every episode of Donna Moderna Live. In the studio a food coach will prepare and explain a recipe, revealing the secrets of the most tasty dishes.

Donna Moderna Live also offers a cooking feature called Dedicated to in which a reader, helped and supported by a chef, will prepare a recipe to which she is particularly attached.

Donna Moderna Live is also fitness and wellness. Lessons for pilates, yoga, pole-dancing, belly dancing and tango will be available every day. There are so many way to keep yourself in shape and with this slot, in every episode and with the help of an expert, viewers can discover the secrets and characteristics of various activities.

An all-round programme for women that also recounts stories of women who have followed their dreams. Women who, with courage and determination, have taken on ambitious challenges: collective, in couples, professional, but in any case linked to personal satisfaction.

Donna Moderna Live can also be seen on the web site, on social networks using the hashtag #donnamodernalive and on the Facebook and Twitter accounts of Donna Moderna.

A communication campaign for the launch of Donna Moderna Live has been put together that will appear in the press, on radio and TV, with promos on Mediaset channels, web and outdoor.

Donna Moderna Live, inspired by the Mondadori magazine Donna Moderna, is a programme created by Magnolia for La5. Executive producer Magnolia: Maurizio Gulino. Project chief: Agata Gambuzza. Director: Michele Rho.

Donna Moderna Live has been produced with the contributions of: L’Oréal – Gruppo Fini – Upim – De’ Longhi – Yes-Zee by Essenza – Acqua Vitasnella – Ghd.