Flair: the September Issue reveals the magazine’s evolution

The upscale women’s lifestyle magazine of the Panorama system confirms its upmarket positioning with a new format and new content


Flair, the upscale women’s magazine of the Panorama system, edited by Michele Lupi, evolves in terms of content and format with an even more engaging personality. From the issue published on 24 September, the magazine will appear a more pop, creative and lively layout, a simpler structure and a broader format, the same as Icon.

Changes that confirm the magazine’s upmarket positioning, while at the same time projecting it towards a wider and more immediate use.

Flair is an authentic creative hub capable of uniting around the title some of the most important international talent and new generations of creatives in photography, fashion and writing, who now extend their scope to celebrities and top models alongside the usual cover models. Indeed photography remains a major focus of the magazine and Flair will continue to work with leading international artists as well as continuing to discover and develop emerging talent from both the international and Italian scene.

There is also a reconfiguration of the content with more space, in terms of quantity and quality, in fashion and beauty in the first part of the magazine and a rationalization of the various sections. The main fashion stories section opens with a hard cover on which the subject of the cover of Flair is reinterpreted by different artists. Even greater attention is devoted to fashion brands, with an appreciation and enhancement at the level of styling of the peculiarities of each designer, in order to offer readers a sophisticated and complete experience style experience.

The protagonist of the new issue are the iconic model Mariacarla Boscono, who is featured on the cover, the Hollywood actress Amber Heard and Wanda Ferragamo, a legend of Italian elegance. Alongside pictures by international photographers like Ezra Petronio, space is also given to masters of creativity such as Elaine Constantine and Nobuyoshi Araki; while for fiction, Flair spoke to Jonathan Franzen about his new novel just published in America.

2015 is a year of evolution for Flair that began in February when it became a stand-alone title, sold separately from Panorama for the first three weeks of availability at a cover price of €3.50, before being offered in combination with the weekly in the last week of the month of reference, at a combined price of €3. The magazine’s international distribution continues to expand (already launched in January 2015 with text in English) at major newsstands and airports in Paris, London, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles and Seoul. The luxury edition will also be available at some of the world’s most prestigious bookstore, such as Colette in Paris and My Boon and Boon the Shop in Seoul.