Mondadori Store opens its doors to the world of art

Marco Lodola has designed the lighting installation for the Piazza Duomo store in Milan

And from September a new project involving emerging talents from the art world

Mondadori Store is opening its doors to the world of art with a series of initiatives to promote contemporary artistic expression at the Megastore in Piazza Duomo in Milan.


Inaugurating this new cycle of events will be the Italian artist Marco Lodola who has created an installation for the Mondadori Megastore in Piazza Duomo entitled Eden; a neon installation that portrays a luminous dancer, symbolising feminility and uncontaminated Eden, holding a red apple, the colour of life and passion. The work by Lodola – who has been active in sculpture with pop-art inspired luminous installations for many years – will be visible to passers-by from the front of the Piazza Duomo Store and is a brand new homage to Milan, recalling the advertising posters of the past that illuminated the city centre in the 1960s.

This autumn, meanwhile, will see the launch of St-Art, artist of the month: in which the Mondadori Megastore in Piazza Duomo will feature work by young artists, along with live performances and temporary exhibitions.

The project, developed in collaboration with Milo Goj’s Art Relation, aims to promote emerging artists under 40 and bringing them into contact with a broad-based public. A calendar of exhibitions with which the Mondadori Store wants to draw people to art and its young exponents, also with the possibility of buying works and creating a place for exchange and debate with the artists and the curator.

The first artist to exhibit in September as part of the St-Art project will be Marco Abisso: a Milan-based sculptor and painter, born in 1980, and graduate of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, who uses a range of materials in his work that includes metal, wood and oils.