Panorama announces the new edition of Panorama d’Italia, 10 stops on a tour of discovery of Italian excellence

The second edition will start from 25 March following the success of over 200 events, 3 million people involved and 100 million contacts established in 2014

Panorama, the newsmagazine edited by Giorgio Mulè, returns to the streets to discuss Italy from the territory. In fact, 25 March sees the launch of he new edition of Panorama d’Italia, the live media experience that will take to 10 Italian cities a calendar of initiatives and events to stimulate dialogue with citizens and establish a link with the excellence of Made in Italy and the world of business, the economy, culture, food and wine.

The first edition, in 2014, reached 3 million people with a total of 100 million contacts, and involving, at more than 200 events, 400 media organisations, 11 universities, 120 entrepreneurs, over 500 companies and 180 startups, as well as the participation of more than 300 prestigious guests and speakers, including 6 government ministers and 7 Regional Presidents.

“Last year,” declared the editor of Panorama Giorgio Mulè, “we gave a voice to the best of Italy in a revolutionary way, transforming cities into stages with live events integrated with the fabric of local life. And we did it in the best way we know how: presenting ourselves as what we are, with the strength and credibility of a brand that for over 50 years has recounted the country to itself, both its critical aspects and its opportunities. With this adventure in 10 new cities, we will continue to give voice and visibility to the future of Italy to those who create that future every day. We will also make our contribution to draw in young people to the world of business by bringing the best of both into contact,” Mulè concluded.

Also this year Panorama will dedicate in its pages extensive coverage of each of the cities on the tour, giving an account of its excellences ahead of the stop and, in the subsequent issue, a portrait of the city by a writer who will focus, each in his own way, on the characteristics of the place and its people. And, finally, there will be a detailed report about all of the events and guests involved, with photos of the four days that Panorama d’Italia has dedicated to the city.

The stops
In 10 stops, from March to November, Panorama will cross Italy from north to south. And to do so, the magazine will involve both local excellences and prestigious guests, moderated by the magazine’s journalists and columnists, directly in the places where citizens live out their daily lives.

For four days, each city will have a rich calendar of events at the most representative and lively locations and in close contact with the protagonists. The tour starts in Naples (25-28 March) before moving on to Vicenza (15-18 April), Pisa (6-9 May), Varese (27-30 May), Matera (17-20 June) and, after the summer break, Trento (9-12 September), Spoleto (30 September – 3 October), Modena (21-24 October), Bari (4-7 November), Palermo (18-21 November).

The Home of Panorama d’Italia
The nerve centre of Panorama d’Italia will be the new “Home” that for each stop on the tour will be set up in the main square of the host city: a totally transparent structure with a large table featuring a silhouette of Italy. Inside the lounge area is an infopoint accompanied by large screens that will project live streaming coverage of the events taking place across the city, the calendar with times and places and background detail and videos of events that have taken place. Plus, a special social wall will project the tweets and photos of participants who want to share their experience using the hashtag #panoramaditalia. The tablets positioned on the table in relation to the cities involved in the Panorama d’Italia tour will offer the public additional information and the possibility of signing up for the events on the programme. Useful information will also be provided by info panels and totems outlining details of events.

The events and new features of the 2015 edition
While the Home will be the focal point of Panorama for the entire duration of each stage of the tour, other areas of the city will host institutional events and debates with exponents of national significance from the world of politics and business. Prestigious authors of books about to be published will be the protagonists of special encounters with the public and space will also be given to personalities from the world of entertainment, musicians and singers. Actors and directors will enjoy a special space dedicated to cinema and run by Piera Detassis, editor of Ciak and president of the Cinema for Rome Foundation. Special attention in this new edition will be given to the designers and stylists that represent the excellence of the area and the best of Made in Italy and, on each occasion, catwalk shows and glamorous events will be organised in which such designers can display their personal interpretations of style.

Of central importance in each of the cities visited will be the contribution of the universities that will, on each occasion, host meetings with young startups, venture capitalists and experts in innovation to discuss the possibilities of creating businesses and the opportunities offered in the area. Among the new features this year will be the involvement of younger students: in fact:, in collaboration with Mondadori Libri, Panorama will donate 100 books to a school in each city, after having invited pupils in their last year to write a short essay on “Why Panorama should leave a “legacy” of 100 books to my school”. All of the contributions received will be read by the staff of the magazine and the most significant and original will be published in the weekly and on and will enable the school of provenance to claim the gift of 100 books, to be presented by the editor Giogio Mulè during the stay in the city.

Panorama d’Italia will also offer an opportunity to rediscover the beauty of the artistic heritage of the area, thanks to a guided tour by Vittorio Sgarbi of the most representative works of art. Space will also be given to the food and wine of the area with show cooking demonstrations by leading chefs and meetings with personalities from the world of food. Finally, every Saturday, the editor of Chi Alfonso Signorini will invite a personality from the world of entertainment for an exclusive talk show.

The entire calendar of events will also be offered by the special gift boxes Box For You, with which it is possible to buy a package that includes an overnight stay in one of the cities on the tour and privileged access to the most important events on the stop selected.

Panorama d’Italia online
The main events can also be followed live on and on the channel. In fact, last year alone, more than 100 hours of events were broadcast in streaming, as well as realtime updates, photos and videos from each stop of the tour. Also this year, the site dedicated to the tour will feature an area for registration at the events that also provides and free three-month subscription to the digital edition of Panorama and inclusion in a prize draw for a Mediterranean cruise for two.

The main social networks can also be used to share impressions and experiences of the events of Panorama d’Italia using the hashtag #panoramaditalia. The Twitter account @panoramaditalia will also provide realtime commentary on all of the most significant moments involving the protagonists of the events.

The partners
Panorama d’Italia also benefits from the support of high level partners who share the commitment to enhancing the excellences to be found around Italy. They include: Autostrade per l’Italia, Banca Mediolanum, Enel, IBM, Invitalia, MSC Crociere, Università Telematica Pegaso and TgCom24 Mediaset. A charity partnership with the Lega del Filo d’oro will also accompany the tour on all of its stops. Moreover, at every city visited, media partnerships are in place with the leading local newspapers, TV and radio stations.

“Panorama d’Italia is organised in collaboration with Triumph Group International, for executive production, organisation and logistics, while the platform and digital strategy is managed by H2H.