Shiseido and Grazia together to describe the Venice Film Festival

In a new, innovative television show to be aired on IRIS every day from the 2nd to the 12th September

A cosmetics brand, Shiseido, and an international women’s magazine, Grazia, are collaborating for the first time in a daily TV show to comment on all the red carpet events, the looks and outfits of the foreign and Italian celebrities participating in the event, as well as all the gossip and behind-the-scenes goings-on.

“Venice Today” will be aired daily from 2nd September at 7pm on IRIS, Channel 22, the Mediaset digital channel dedicated to high quality cinema. The PROGRAMME will be hosted by a sparkling Tamara Donà ready to welcome and interview opinion leaders, actors and special guests. The show will be recorded in the “Shiseido & Grazia Privé” lounge, set up in Angelo Quarti’s and Andrea Rossi’s Venice Movie Star Lounge where the casts of the most important films will be in attendance for their junkets.

The location is Villa Laguna with its wonderful view over Venice and spectacular sunsets that will win over the Italian and foreign stars. Guests include Alberto Noè, President of Shiseido Italia whose strong vision is behind the innovative format. “It is a highly ambitious experiment in cross-mediality which we have created in collaboration with high quality names such as Publitalia, Grazia and the Venice Festival,” Noè says. “We want to talk about lifestyle and the world of film, but using a brand new language of beauty and fashion while involving television, the press, internet and special events contemporarily. In fact, we are sponsoring all the movie brunches offered to the delegations of the various films that will be stopping by at the Venice Movie Star Lounge».

Some of the films hosted by the Venice Movie Star Lounge

Spotlight by Thomas Mc Carthy, The childhood of a Leader by Brady Corbet A bigger splash by Luca Guadagnino, Anomalisa by Charlie Kaufman, Remember by Ato, Egoyan, Taj-Mahal by Nicholas Saada.

Among the other guests confirmed as well as Alberto Noè: Grazia’s director Silvia Grilli, Shiseido make up artist Pablo Ardizzone, stylist Ildo Damiano, not to mention many other surprise actors to be discovered daily when you tune into Iris Channel 22 on digital to follow “Venice Today”.