The launch of “In Forma con Starbene”

Health, medicine, psychological and physical wellbeing and the quality of life in the new edition of the Canale 5 magazine presented by Tessa Gelisio

Saturday 14 November, at 8.50 am, sees the launch of the new edition of “In Forma con Starbene”, the Canale 5 programme devoted to health, medicine, psychological and physical wellbeing and the quality of life, presented by Tessa Gelisio.

The first new feature of this edition is in the name: in collaboration with Starbene, the Mondadori health and wellbeing title for the whole family, that will make available to the TV programme the magazine’s network of experts and the web site, to provide answers to a wide range of issues of interest.

“For the first time Starbene will bring its content to television along with its trusted team of experts who already provide answers to web users free of charge through the service,” said Annalisa Monfreda, the editor Starbene. “After the magazine, the web site and a large number of events around the country, television will become a fourth channel for our brand, offering the possibility to experiment with a new language and make good use of the skills and experience of our experts.”

Eating and dieting, allergies and healthy living, cellulite, sexual problems and seasonal disorders will be the topics at the centre of the new edition.

Each subjects will be treated with scientific rigour but in a clear and accessible language for viewers. Both inside and outside of the studio, sector specialist will contribute on issues related to diet, fitness and health.

The successful components of previous editions will also return, enhanced this year by a series of new features:

  • Zumba: every week the programme’s cameras will follow a zumba class, the famous Colombian fitness dance, under the direction of instructor Vicky Zagarra.
  • Diet coach: for 3 episodes specialist dietician Lorena Marseglia will highlight the importance of this new figure for those who want to lose weight.
  • Cookery school: doctor and dietician Carla Lertola and biologist chef Fiorenzo Frumento will prepare light recipes that don’t abandon taste.
  • Sound sleep: advice for sleeping well, linked to diet, typical situations such as pregnancy and respiratory issues, as well as made to measure suggestions for all age groups.

As always, “In Forma con Starbene” will present the latest developments in health and fitness, visiting leading wellbeing centres, spas and clinics offering special cures and also company’s that have distinguished themselves for the effectiveness of their products. The programmes fixed guests will include Santo Raffaele Mercuri, head of the Dermatological Unit at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan and odontologist Giovanni Bona.

“In Forma con Starbene” is also present on leading social networks with an official profile on Twitter @In_formaTv and an official page on offering information, previews, background detail, videos and backstagematerial.