A special edition of Focus

Thanks to a new app, readers of the magazine can enjoy the experience of using content in an innovative way

Numero speciale per Focus

A special and particularly innovative issue of Focus, Mondadori’s popular science magazine, on newsstands from 20 July.

Specially for the occasion, a “Focus Augmented Reality” app has been developed, available free from the AppStore and Google Play, which, in a highly innovative way, allows readers to get more out of the content in the printed magazine with 360° navigable photos, 4K video and 3D renderings. By launching the app and capturing the page of Focus, the images are animated creating a new user experience that can be had on both smartphones and tablets, anywhere and at any time, and transforming the magazine into an authentically innovative device. The app has been developed ad hoc by ETT.

“What we are trying out in the August issue,” the magazine’s editor Jacopo Loredan underlined, “is a new conception of the magazine that is absolutely unique of its kind and has never been tried before.  By using augmented reality the magazine goes beyond the physical limitations of the medium to explore new territory and to give the reader an exclusive opportunity of using content that is animated rather than static and with innovative interactions and experience.”

To sustain the launch of the initiative, an advertising  campaign has been planed on the Mediaset channels, as well as Sky, Discovery and Viacom, on Italy’s leading radio stations, Mondadori magazines and national newspapers.