Birth today of Rizzoli Libri S.p.A

RCS Libri changes name¹ following completion of the acquisition

Mondadori announces that the new name of RCS Libri S.p.A. is Rizzoli Libri S.p.A.. Today, the company entered the consolidation scope of the Group chaired by Marina Berlusconi and led by Ernesto Mauri, after the closing was completed today.

The members of the new Board of Directors of the company, active on the Italian trade and educational books market, and on the illustrated books market also on an international level, are: Gian Arturo Ferrari (Chairman), Paolo Mieli, Antonio Porro, Oddone Pozzi and Enrico Selva Coddè.

Specifically, Enrico Selva Coddè, Managing Director of the Trade area of Mondadori Libri S.p.A., will head the Trade area of Rizzoli Libri S.p.A., while Antonio Porro, Managing Director of the Educational area of Mondadori Libri S.p.A., will head the Educational books and International Illustrated books area of the company.

¹ Change subject to filing with the relevant company registry