For the third consecutive year Mondadori Store is the “Retailer of the Year Italy” in the bookstore category

Mondadori Store is once again the “Retalier of the Year Italy 2016-2017” in the “bookstorecategory, the leading Italian award based on consumer assessment which, for the third consecutive year, rewards the buying experience offered by Italy’s most extensive chain of bookstores.

Mondadori Store obtained the highest score among the eligible candidates  in the “bookstore” category. Nine main aspects in the buying process were judged by customers who in recent months were asked to express their evaluations: the price/quality ration, price levels, special and promotional offers; service, training and courtesy of staff, assortment, atmosphere and innovation.

With 600 sales outlets across the country, and three different shop formats – Megastore, Bookstore and Point – every year Mondadori Store serves more than 20 million customers, that in addition to books and a variety of other products, offers service from qualified staff and experience in entertainment. This award is an encouragement to Mondadori Retail to continue to offer its clientele an environment that is increasingly stimulating and surprising.

Retailer of the Year is an international award, first launched in 2003 under the name Beste Winkelketen in the Netherlands and  subsequently expanded as Retailer of the Year to Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and, from this year, also Russia.

It has been present in Italy for 9 years, 3 of which with the name “Insegna dell’Anno Italia” ( Insegna dell’Anno Italia is an initiative by Q&A Research & Consultancy, organised by SEIC – Studio Orlandini.