Il mio Papa: the 100th issue on newsstands now

Il mio Papa, the world’s first weekly entirely dedicated to Pope Francis, today celebrates its 100th issue: “An important starting point to improve our work,” said Aldo Vitali, editor of the magazine launched by Mondadori in March 2014 and now present in eight other countries around the world.

“For one hundred weeks we have been reporting what the Pope says and what the Pope does, with the same passion of the first issue and with a level of satisfaction that we never expected at the beginning of this adventure,” says Vitali. “With its unique formula and a positive and popular approach, in a short time Il mio Papa has been able to carry the Pope’s message even in small daily gestures, and to win more and more readers outside Italy. Pope Francis himself has asked to receive copies of our magazine at his Santa Marta residence,” Vitali concluded.

The 100th issue of Il mio Papa is on newsstands this week with a quiz where readers can test their knowledge about the Holy Father, answering 100 questions about his life, his family and his tastes.