Mondadori Megastore: in piazza Duomo in Milan a new light installation by Marco Lodola celebrates reading

Entitled LuminosaMente, the new light installation at the Mondadori Megastore in Piazza Duomo is by the artist Marco Lodola. The work, which is on display on the store’s façade, is in the form of a big open book that will illuminate the centre of Milan for the coming months.

LuminosaMente celebrates reading as a vehicle for experience and awareness, an invitation to stop and immerse oneself in the luminous stories we can find in books. The illuminated pages symbolise the passing of life through stories and the discovery of new meanings. Symbols like the moon, the circle, the triangle and the square – esoteric forms belonging to the culture and story of humanity – are the way of life that is revealed to the reader through the books.

“We say that reading provides food for the mind; and this is the inspiration behind the idea of an illuminated book. Our lives are all linked by the common denominators of experience, discovery and illumination. The title of the work, LuminosaMente, indicates the natural need of every human being to know. In a fast-moving world, in which the media bombard us with notions and news, the intention is to attract the attention of people who still don’t appreciate the value of immersing themselves in a luminous story different to their own,” commented Marco Lodola.

LuminosaMente continues the cycle of initiatives created by Mondadori Store to bring people closer to contemporary art which began with “St-Art, artist of the months”, a series that, for over a year, exhibits new young talent and established names in the Mondadori Megastores in Piazza Duomo and Via Marghera in Milan. The project features a number of other activities open to the public, including the exhibition of light sculptures by the artist Marco Lodola, who for Mondadori Store has already produced Eden, the ballerina symbolising life and passion, and Mio Cugino, marking the tenth anniversary of Italy’s World Cup victory.

The initiative is curated and promoted by the artistic agency Avangart Connessioni Creative.