Panorama d’Italia revs up its engine: the best of italian excellence in 10 new stages

Starting in Genoa on 30 March with many new features and an extraordinary new travelling companion: Focus From the super stage on Milan to Trapani, the third edition of the Panorama tour after two years of record numbers

30 March sees the start of the third edition of Panorama d’Italia, the live & media experience of Panorama, that gives an account of Italy directly from its squares with initiatives and events open to all. The newsmagazine edited by Giorgio Mulè returns to celebrate the protagonists of the best of Italian business, economy, culture and food & wine in 10 Italian cities between March and November with an award-winning format and many new features.

With a well-tested formula behind it, including talk shows, debates with protagonists from national politics, conferences, entertainment: last year alone the tour reached 4 million people. The people who directly participated in the events in cities totalled 110,000, with 375 guests and speakers (including 6 government ministers, 8 regional presidents and 8 mayors), 500 media outlets, 191 entrepreneurs involved in round tables and 600 companies, also including 180 innovative start-ups, 15 universities and a total of 37 sponsors.

Panorama d’Italia is a spark with the capacity to generate enthusiasm and really discuss “the best seen close up” as our claim says. The number of citizens engaged by our initiatives say a great deal but not everything,” said Panorama editor Giorgio Mulè. “The reason for this overwhelming success lies in the formula: we talk about the real, natural Italy, without bells and whistles.”

Panorama d’Italia has shown that it is an enormous photograph of the real Italy, able to immortalise the best seen close up,” Mulè added. “Every square metre of the country contains a story that’s worth telling and, once again, we want to tell it from the inside. We did it last year with 400 pages and 160 hours of live streaming. We’re doing it again this year with even more commitment and, thanks to the new partnership with Focus, we will reach a net of 9.8 million contacts, from print and online,” Mulè concluded.

The stages
In 10 stages between March and November, Panorama will cross Italy from north to south, involving examples of local excellence an prestigious guests, moderated by some of the newsmagazine’s leading journalists. For four days each city will host a rich calendar of events in the most lively and significant locations in town, in close contact with the protagonists.

Starting in Genoa (30 March -2 April) before moving on to Macerata (20-23 April), Perugia (11-14 May), Padua (8-11 June), Ravenna (29 June – 2 July), the Amalfi coast (7-10 September), Cagliari (28 September-1 October), a special stage in Milan (16-22 October) and winding up in Mantua (9-12 November) and Trapani (23-26 November).

What’s new in 2016
There is much that is new in the 2016 edition, which confirms the most appreciated events of last year and expands the offer with new partners and projects.

Focus meetings: the Panorama d’Italia schedule will be enhanced by two events organised for each step in collaboration with Focus, with 5 million readers, Italy’s most widely-read magazine, edited by Jacopo Loredan. The first meeting is dedicated to space exploration with the exceptional and prestigious fixed guest, the astronaut Umberto Guidoni, and the participation of scientists and astronauts from the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI) and the European Space Agency (ESA). The second meeting, organised in collaboration with the Department of the science of the Earth’s System and Environmental Technologies CNR and the Italian Air Force, and will be dedicated to the climate, the environment and renewable energy, issues that are crucial for our future and on which the CNR and the Air Force are conducting important research and innovation activities.

During both events, participants will have the opportunity to try a virtual reality experience, thanks to an app developed exclusively for the occasion by the technology company ETT.

The Schools and Job Orientation Project: Also this year will see the repetition of an initiative that in 2015 enabled Panorama to donate 3,500 books to Italian schools involved in the tour. The passage through training to work remains, of course, one of the key issues of the entire programme and a special initiative is dedicated to innovative companies: “90 secondi per spiccare il volo” (“90 seconds to take off”), is a competition that, on every stage of the tour, awards the best start ups with a special “tool box” with tools and resources to develop the business. To take part, all you need to do is to submit a 90-second video that Panorama will publish on its web site.

In addition to training and work, there is also support for universities that will, from time to time, host meetings with startuppers, venture capitalists and innovation experts to discuss the possibilities of developing business and opportunities in the territory. In addition, Panorama d’Italia will devote the Friday mornings to activities to job orientation, mainly for young school-leavers, final-year students and recent graduates who will be able to take part in roundtables and individual meetings, made in collaboration with HRCommunity Academy Italia and human resources professionals from the leading companies in the area.

The Milan stage: Milan, the capital of Lombardy, will be a special step of the tour and, extraordinarily, will last for 7 days in which there will be even more events and initiatives. These will include the creation by Panorama of an innovative work training project. With the direct involvement of the editorial staff of the magazine and a number of high schools in Milan, a special edition of the school magazine will be produced that will be distributed during the events on the programme. Subsequently, the kids will have the chance to participate in a training internship directly in the offices of the newsmagazine.

A solidarity partnership: the charitable partnership with the Lega del Filo d’Oro will be renewed also for 2016, but this year it will take the form of a project: to contribute to the creation of the new centre at Osimo, an entirely new home for the deaf and blind and the sensory disabled in general. The collection of funds will be made thanks to the cooperation of Cruciani, who, for the occasion, have produced a limited-edition bracelet that will be on sale exclusively at the locations of the events on the tour dates and from the Lega del Filo d’Oro’s web site. Proceeds from the sale of the bracelet will be entirely dedicated to the association’s ends.

While a Panorama d’Italia info point will be a fixed presence during the entire stage, other areas of the city will host institutional events and entertainment. Prestigious authors of books being published will be the protagonists of meet-the-author events, while actors and directors will be involved in a special event dedicated to the cinema and organised by Piera Detassis, editor of Ciak and chairman of Rome’s Fondazione Cinema. Singers and musicians will be involved in exclusive interviews and concerts that will be open to the public.

In addition to the meetings and debates with leading national figures from the world of politics and business, Panorama d’Italia will also be an opportunity to rediscover the beauties of the local artistic heritage, thanks to a guided tour led by Vittorio Sgarbi of the most significant art works. Plus, this year, Panorama will organise, in collaboration with the municipalities, special guided tours of palaces and other artistic locations generally closed to the public, in order to discover the hidden treasures of each city.

Ample space will also be given to the fin food and wine of the area, with show cooking events featuring the best chefs and meetings with personalities from the world of food.

Finally, every Saturday, the editor of Chi Alfonso Signorini will invite a celebrity from the world of show business to take part in an exclusive talk show.

Panorama d’Italia online
The main events will be covered live on, on the channel In fact, last year alone, over 160 hours of events were broadcast in streaming, as well as real time updates, photos and videos of the stages of the tour. The tour’s web site also this year will feature an area to register for the events which will also ensure a free three-month subscription to the digital edition of Panorama.

It will be possible to share impressions and experiences of all the Panorama d’Italia events on the leading social networks using the hashtag #panoramaditalia. The official Twitter account @panoramaditalia will provide real time coverage of the most significant moments involving the protagonists of each event. Last year alone, the number of users in the community on social media numbered 276,500, with a total of 2,780,000 views only on Facebook.

Panorama d’Italia is able to count on high level partners, who share a commitment to enhancing Italian excellence in the territories. They include: Autostrade per l’Italia, Cobat, Cruciani, Eicma, Enel, IBM, Invitalia, Poste Italiane, Sicily by Car, Università Telematica Pegaso and TgCom24 Mediaset. The charity partnership with the Lega del Filo d’oro will accompany all stages of the tour. Moreover, stage by stage, media partnerships will be activated with leading local newspapers and TV and radio stations.

Panorama d’Italia” has been organised in collaboration with Triumph Group International, for executive production, organisation and logistics, while the platform and digital strategy is managed by H2H.