Publishing: Focus reaches a million fans on Facebook

Incredible growth on social networks for the Mondadori magazine thanks to science news and curiosities from around the world

Web users confirm the success and leadership of Focus, Mondadori’s popular science magazine. In fact, the Focus page on Facebook today notched up a million fans thanks to its mix of detailed scientific updates, news about innovation and appealing curiosities and photographs from all over the world.

“In just four years we have gone form 100,000 fans to a million: thanks to the efforts of the editorial staff of we have con over the audience by investing only in quality content and our relationship with readers and fans. A commitment that has been understood and rewarded,” said Jacopo Loredan, editor of Focus.

The growth in social media of Italy’s most widely-read magazine is also confirmed by the approval that the title has on Twitter, with around 50,000 followers, and Google Plus, with a following of around 230,000 users. Focus also has its own space on YouTube and Pinterest.