The Donna Moderna brand becomes an ecosystem

Magazine, web, social network, events and tv always connected to readers and users
Donna Moderna changes its language and launches a web channel for female-focused news
From tomorrow the brand will also be on the Telegram messaging app

From this week Donna Moderna will expand and become an ecosystem increasingly connected with readers and users thanks to multiple communication channels that revolve around the brand. The magazine, web, social, events and TV: a multiplicity of points of connection with the audience, which corresponds to a multitude of opportunities for dialogue and discussion.

Four keywords underpin this change: participation, digital, training and organisation. The staff of Donna Moderna work on multiple channels starting from the same content: writing for the magazine and then configuring the content for the entire ecosystem, from the magazine, the web, social, events and television. All digital products like the world in which we live. A new approach based on a digital instinctiveness, transforming the title’s journalists into points of reference also on the web in their different fields of expertise.

“The result of this process? A brand that offers its readers-users not just content but also the opportunity to participate, to be involved how and as much as they want,” said Annalisa Monfreda, editor of Donna Moderna. “The first level of participation is the conversation with readers. The second level is the co-creation of content. Whenever Donna Moderna asks users to become contributors, we get an exceptional response. The third level of participation is the provision of services. We, who started as a service magazine, in the digital age find our fullest realisation in the provision of specific services, such as the online courses of our digital school. This is how a brand born on paper, becomes profoundly digital. And this is made possible thanks to an organisation based on ‘personal responsibility’,” Monfreda concluded.

At the centre of this renewal there is also a female-focused reading of current events: a new approach involving the magazine, web, social, TV and events, in an all-round embrace of the brand.

The three sections of the magazine

The new magazine, on newsstands from tomorrow, will be divided into three sections:

  • What’s happening: current affairs highlights starting from the “thrill of the fact”. Readers will thus be updated on the news selected from week to week by the editorial staff.
  • Fashion and Beauty: the protagonists of this section are our ‘real women’, through dedicated features but not only: there will also be space for columns with fashion and make up advice and new beauty trends that readers can follow.
  • Can I help: is a section aimed at making life easier for women. In fact, readers will find topics ranging from cooking to well-being and from interiors to suggestions that stimulate the curiosity and interest of the public.
Cover Donna Moderna Magazine

The design and the new logo

We have also made some changes to the design to express the magazine’s two connotations: being female and being a magazine that ‘makes life easier’.

“Female” means speaking a language that is much more complex and multifaceted, in a balance between seriousness and elegance. And the design solutions for Donna Moderna tries to do just that, freeing itself from stereotypes to find a linearity and visual stimulus, in a setting that is never a stuffy elegance.” This is the thinking of the new art director Luca Pitoni who continues: “Being a magazine that ‘makes life easier’, means to be refined in the ideas and at the same time simple in the way you present them.”

The design has become uniform, linear, clean and colourful. A single font characterises all the Donna Moderna products, in order to communicate clarity, immediacy, uniqueness, recognisability. The idea is to simplify what is written, not least through taglines, captions and emoticons that highlight important concepts.

There is also a change to the logo that is now fuller and rounder. The D of Donna Moderna becomes a brand that will be used across all channels.

Web and social, which has 4.7 million unique users (Audiweb View, February 2016), over 432,000 followers on Twitter and 494,000 fans on Facebook, will inaugurate on the occasion of the renewal of the brand, a female-focused news channel, focusing on the news news and stories that revolve around the world of women: a section that will clearly explain the most important current events and comments collected from more than 50 opinion leaders.

This section will also be the starting point for a daily newsletter Un caffè con Donna Moderna, sent early in the morning, with a summary of the three things you need to know every day to have a conversation or express an opinion about what’s happening in the world.

Starting today Donna Moderna also opens a “channel” on the instant messaging app Telegram, thanks to which you will can keep up to date within the application on the most interesting current issues relating to women indicated by the brand also with links to articles published online.


From this week, every Tuesday, Donna Moderna will speak about the most interesting current issues relating to women also on Mattino 5, 5 AM, the Canale 5 programme on the air from 9 to 11.00 am, with contributions form the magazine’s staff.

Also, starting next autumn, a new edition of Donna Moderna Live, the La5 programme that met with great success in the last season. Every day the faces and the coach from Donna Moderna keep the public company involving them in tutorials about health, beauty, food, the home and fashion.


“The cross-channel nature that Donna Moderna is adopting takes into account people’s new media consumption habits: our media diet increasingly passes through different media and devices that are enjoyed sometimes even simultaneously. The time spent on media is increasing, but it is more fragmented and more difficult to reach,” said Davide Mondo, chief executive of Mediamond. “Mediamond has all the touch points that the vertical brands develop on the web, for the benefit of advertisers whose communication strategies are moving precisely towards a cross-channel approach,” Mondo concluded.

New communication campaign

In support of the re-branding of Donna Moderna a communication campaign has been produced by Hi! Mullenlowe and planned in print, on the web and social channels.

The TV commercial was developed and produced by Magnolia and directed by Mattia Molinari. Shot in Milan, the video moves in front and behind the screen, before and after the news, among women who are on this and on the other side of the page of the magazine. In a continuous crossing of characters and narrative levels you discover how “Donna Moderna is always connected with the news and the latest trends and with its readers” through all the channels of the platform.