Health, medicine, psychological & physical wellbeing and quality of life in the new season of the Canale 5 programme presented by Tessa Gelisio

Saturday 16 April, at 8.45, sees the start of the new season of “In Forma con Starbene”, the Canale 5 programme about health, medicine, psychological & physical wellbeing and quality of life, now in its fourth season and presented by Tessa Gelisio.

In forma con Starbene

Following the success of the last season, the programme continues its collaboration with Starbene, the Mondadori magazine dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the whole family. The weekly brings to the programme the network of experts used by the title and the web site, edited by Annalisa Monfreda, to provide answers to questions on a wide range of issues of interest.

“In Forma con Starbene takes an all-round look at wellbeing, with simple and practical tips and suggestions to help you live well and in shape.” explains the programme’s presenter Tessa Gelisio. “Diet, sleep and physical movement are the three great allies of wellbeing: all of the specialists we invite remind us that many health problems are the result of an imbalance of these three elements. In this sense, the contribution of the experts of Starbene give an added value for our viewers in terms of content and information. I’m excited about the start of the new season and look forward to learning, along with the audience. many new things.”

Food and diet, allergies and healthy living, cellulite, sexual problems and seasonal ailments will be the focus of the upcoming episodes.

Each aspect will be handled with scientific rigour and in clear and accessible language. And, both inside and outside the studio, specialists from the sector will comment on nutrition, fitness and medical specialities.

“In Forma con Starbene” will also present the latest in wellbeing and health, visiting the most important health centres, spas and clinics using special cures and treatments, as well as companies that have distinguished themselves for the effectiveness of their products. Regular guests of the programme will include Santo Raffaele Mercuri, head of Dermatolog at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan and Giovanni Bona, odontologist; Diana Scatozza and Serafina Petrocca, specialist nutrtionists and experts of Starbene, along with Eva Golia, chef of the Sale&Pepe cooking school, will prepare light dishes that do not give up on flavour.

“In Forma con Starbene” is avaiable also online at and is also on social networks with the Twitter profile @In_formaTv and an official page on with information, previews, background detail, videos and backstage material.