The launch of Opinion Model

A shared marketing community involving Donna Moderna, Starbene, Casafacile, Cucina Moderna and

The expertise of the Donna Moderna, Starbene, CasaFacile, Cucina Moderna and brands has given birth to Opinion Model, a new shared marketing community that will enable users to learn about new products, to try them out at home and share them with their contacts.

“We are really confident in the potential of this new project that we have launched with our brands and partner companies,” declared Pamela Carati, Brand Manager Mass Market. “Opinion Model invites consumers to test the products proposed by companies: an initiative that, on the one hand, satisfies the consumers’ desire to test directly and fro free new products and, on the other, offers advantages for companies who can dialogue directly with the public and use the feedback to continuously improve their offer.” “Opinion Model will be organised in an initial 4-week launch phase in which four companies will each week make one of their products available. But the initiative will then continue for the whole of 2016,” Carati concluded.

Opinion Model aims to establish an ongoing relationship of trust with users and readers and rewarding the most active participants with incentives. There will also be the possibility of applying a mark of approval to the brands involved in the initiative.

The project is a precious asset for partner companies who will gain visibility within the tester community tester and benefit from the cross-media communication in support of the launch of Opinion Model.

Plus, the most significant results of the survey conducted by Mondadori on the opinions expressed by users will be reported of the platform, as well as in the pages, on the web sites and social profiles of the brands involved.

Becoming a member of the community is very easy.

Users can sign up by visiting, and filling out the form related to their profile. Subsequently they can apply for the product they want to test.

Readers will have two weeks from the publication of the magazine to submit their application for one or more products. The candidates selected will then soon receive the material to be tested, delivered directly to their homes.

The initiative is the result of collaboration between the magazine titles Donna Moderna, Starbene, CasaFacile, Cucina Moderna and and the contribution of Mondadori’s content & data marketing area, brining together Cemit’s expertise in relational marketing Cemit and the know-how in digital engagement of Kiver.

Opinion Model will be supported by a campaign developed by Hi! Communication and will be spread across different channels: Mondadori magazines, TV, radio, web and social.

The proposal of the format to the market will be managed by Mediamond, that has already involved many companies from different sectors: beauty, health, food, homewares, as well as products for babies and maternity. Opinion Model is an important new feature in the advertising offer of the company and an innovative addition to clients’ marketing tools. Users who apply to test the products will be profiled on the basis of the interest shown in participating in the activities of the platform and may therefore also be subsequently involved in other tests of products of interest for them. This data-driven approach will markedly increase the efficacy of the operation.

The launch format for Opinion Model will have an estimated reach of over 11 million unique users (source: M— Cube: based Audipress and Audiweb data).