The new Focus Junior

With a new layout and content to discover making it increasingly multimedia and closer to its young readers

Nuovo Focus Junior

Focus Junior –  the Mondadori brand conceived to satisfy the natural curiosity of children and kids will be available, from tomorrow 16 June, to its young readers with a completely new layout for the print, digital and web versions.

The new Focus Junior has been totally redesigned and the changes can be seen starting from the cover of the magazine, with higher impact images and a new logo. On the content side, in addition to the classic topics related to nature, science, animals and history, more space is given to issues of relevance to young people: technology, behaviour, feelings, sport, adventure, mystery.

The key words are curious and fun, thanks to the extra space devoted to games (also in English), jokes and cartoons; multimedia, with extra content (photos and videos) linked to the magazine’s articles; current affairs, with the new section Junior News, dossiers  and background detail to help kids understand the world; innovative, with greater attention to everything connected with new technology.

Another very significant new feature is the Reporter Junior initiative, which enables readers to submit photos, articles, stories, becoming authentic protagonists in the creation of content, both for the magazine and the web.

“The thought that underlies this profound process of renewal,” underlined the editor Sarah Pozzoli, “is that Focus Junior must just be a magazine or a web site, but a brand consisting of a magazine, the web, social network, initiatives and events around the country and cooperation with schools. Consequently, we decided to make a fundamental change in our approach: we have to go where the readers are, rather than waiting for them to come to us. This is why the editorial team is working non-stop to select the best for today’s kids and to intercept their needs. Our aim is to stimulate curiosity and to create engagement: to be a part of the Focus Junior world is to enter a di community that can help you and provide additional tools to become an aware adult.”

With a view to increased synergies and integration between print and the web, also has been completely renewed. The site has been updated both in terms of layout, making it more immediate and accessible, and in terms of content, with new areas including schools, animals, as well as scientific and technological background and authentic interactive workshops. The site is also totally responsive to provide a optimal  experience also on mobile devices, increasingly popular among the young, with a strong interactive focus that will enable users to send their contributions directly and have a direct channel to the editorial department of Focus Junior.

The launch of the new Focus Junior will be supported by a media campaign on kids’ TV on both satellite and digital terrestrial channels.